A Town Uncovered Quests

Welcome to our A Town Uncovered Quests guide. List of every character you need to meet before you can enter the sexworld.

A Town Uncovered Quests

Main Story: Finding All Characters / “Explore the Town” Task!

A Town Uncovered Quests

Why yhis guide Might be Needed

There’s very roughly 3 parts of the main story:

1) Meet everyone you can.
2) Go to the sexworld and check out the differences. (= Seek out every character again.)
3) Watch the aftermath and to figure out what is going on. (= Talk to every character a 3rd time.)
As of v0.32: 4) Start the office questline.

Part 3 is a bit more complicated than that, but this is the basic structure. Basically, the easiest way to get stuck is to miss a character you need to talk to, therefore I’ve compiled this list for easy checking.


The game doesn’t tell you when you have reached the current end of the main story.

End of Update:


Current end of update is when you are asked to go around and talk with everyone a third time in order to find out what is going on. You can talk to some people but most of it is not implemented. I think the last person you talk to is Effie.


Part 3 has been expanded to include most characters. The endgame is now going through your first day at the office, which should be completely linear. I won’t include the new characters yet because you don’t need them for anything.


Endgame is now playing three (incomplete) minigames for the first time, then talking to the CEO again.

The Big List


Jane, Mrs. and Mr. Smith, Jacob, Effie, Allaway, Dir. Lashley and Jack should all be unavoidable unless you ignore the main story hints.

Janae, Alanna and Grundle Sam work at the mall.

Brock: Talk to him at the gym at night then again at the cafe whenever Effie is not there.

Violetta: Beach (Random encounter if you go jogging.)

Houses on the top right part of the map:

  • Effie’s dad: upmost, rightmost house but only very rarely. (I think on the weekends, but try at other times if not there.)
  • Jacob’s dad + Lailah: topmost row, directly left of Effie’s house. May need to check it at various times to get both.


  • Meghan, Chieghan, Teghan = Female bathroom in the morning (Bonus Meghan scene Friday afternoon)
  • Edward: In front of school in the day, at the beach at night
  • Cole: School cafeteria (morning)
  • Zariah: Downstairs school hallway (afternoon) ←Necessary in order to visit nightclub
  • Jaiden: gym (morning)
  • Luna: Upstairs school hallway (morning) or classroom (afternoon)
  • Phil: School bathroom (morning)
  • Coach Fistem: Gym (night)

Street to the south:

  • Hitomi: Leftmost door (comic book store) (Bonus Hitomi scene at the beach on Saturdays)
  • Kevlamin, Crugeon, Davendithas: Comic book store, back room.
  • Hazel: Middle door (sex shop)
  • Steve: Rightmost door (nightclub). Only accessible at night after meeting Zariah

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