Age of Empires 4 Beginner Guide

Welcome to our Age of Empires 4 Beginner Guide. The debut of the game determines the opportunity to compete in the future and claim victory, respectively, there can be many options for it, depending on the faction and the game model.

Age of Empires 4 Beginner Guide

Below I offer several basic principles for a successful start and economic pumping. I will give everything within the framework of the sequence of actions and structures.

Debut in a Nutshell

  1. The first settlers slaughter the sheep, which the scout brings them. (try to load them, maybe, bring the first 2/3 of the sheep right away, you will have to run after the rest.
  2. At the same time, we set to produce +5 settlers (shift + left click on the unit icon in the center), the first of which is to build a house, then the sawmill and all new settlers are sent to the forests.
  3. We start to produce additional. the number of settlers, we harness one of them to build a house, a barracks, a mine near the nearest gold mine and send newly created settlers for gold.
  4. It does not hurt to protect yourself a little with 5-6 spearmen in parallel with the creation of new settlers, who will have to create a basis for the production of food – farms, berries, deer .. whatever, but I advise you not to wander far at first.
  5. This foundation will be enough for you to move to the second, feudal era, accordingly, think more about the military component, create towers in which it is better to plant cheap spearmen, and use cavalry for raids on the enemy’s economy.
  6. Next, produce settlers in stacks of 5, and create new enterprises according to the model of the beginning of the game – forest, food, mines. Do not forget to build newly opened buildings, provide yourself with a conditional defense of the economy with towers with spearmen inside and walls, but do not try to cover the entire map with them, it is better to circle several sectors step by step in a modular way.
  7. Continue to invest settlers in the sectors of the economy, use the peculiarities of your nations, disturb the enemy, accumulate a strike force, do not overlook the attack on you.


P.S. Also, the speed of development is affected by the speed of your actions, so use sequential commands for units using SHIFT, and send new settlers from the center straight to economic adventures automatically, right-clicking on the collection point on these buildings or resources, this will lead to the fact that you just have to change the collection point as the settlement develops.

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