All Ship Errors and Solutions in Starfield

In our Starfield guide, we’ve compiled the most common errors and warnings encountered during ship build. You can find how to fix these errors and their solutions. Shipbuilding can be quite a challenging task, but a well-crafted ship will bring you great satisfaction. Let’s dive into the errors!

All Ship Errors and Solutions in Starfield

In Starfield, building the perfect starship can be both an art and a science. However, there are numerous errors and warnings that can crop up during the ship-building process. This guide covers all potential ship-building errors you may encounter in Starfield and provides solutions to help you overcome them. Whether you’re a seasoned spacefarer or just starting your journey, understanding these issues is crucial to creating a functional and efficient starship.

Ship Has Unattached Modules Error

Solution: Ensure that all ship components are attached to each other using the indicated attach nodes (blue circles). Be cautious when moving or replacing components, as compatibility matters.

Missing Cockpit Error

Solution: Every ship must have a cockpit attached to a hab (or multiple conjoined habs). Cockpit placement rules are relatively flexible, but make sure it’s connected to a hab.

Multiple Cockpits Error

Solution: A ship can only have one cockpit. Avoid building multiple cockpits, as it’s not permitted.

Cannot Reach Cockpit from Landing Bay Error

Solution: Ensure that you can access the cockpit from the landing bay and the docker from the ship’s interior. Proper placement is vital for functionality.

Missing Landing Bay Error

Solution: All ships must include a landing bay, typically on the ship’s bottom, with a hab attached on top. Landing bays don’t have to be centrally located.

Multiple Landing Bays Error

Solution: Each ship can only have one landing bay. Keep it simple by avoiding multiple landing bays.

Missing Landing Gear Error

Solution: Include at least one landing gear on your ship. It supports the ship’s weight and provides initial thrust for takeoff.

Minimum Landing Gear Count Error

Solution: Ensure that the number of landing gears matches your ship’s mass. You need one unit of Lander Thrust per 200 ship mass.

Landing Gear Misaligned Error

Solution: Make sure that landing gear and landing bay components are flush with each other and the ground. Proper alignment is crucial.

Module Below Landing Bay Error

Solution: Components mounted below the landing gear or landing bay are not allowed. Avoid placing anything below these critical components.

Missing Docker Error

Solution: All ships must have a docker attached. Dockers allow you to board other vessels in space.

Invalid Docker Module Position Error

Solution: Ensure that dockers are positioned on the outer edge of your ship, with a clear range for access. Attach dockers to habs for interior access.

Missing Grav Drive Error

Solution: Include a grav drive in your ship for interstellar travel. Without it, long-distance space journeys are impossible.

Need More Grav Jump Thrust Error

Solution: If your jump range falls below 15 light years, you’ll need a grav drive with more Grav Jump Thrust or reduce your ship’s mass.

Minimum Fuel Tank Count Error

Solution: Include at least one fuel tank on your ship to facilitate grav jumps. You need fuel to plot a series of jumps.

Missing Reactor Error

Solution: A reactor is essential to power your ship’s subsystems, including weapons, shields, engines, and grav drive. Make sure you have one.

Multiple Reactors Error

Solution: Each ship can only have one reactor. Avoid adding multiple reactors to your design.

Minimum Engine Count Error

Solution: Include at least one engine on your ship for sub-light speed movement. Additional engines improve your ship’s maneuverability.

Excess Engine Power Usage Error

Solution: Engines have a maximum power draw of 12 per grouping. Ensure that your total power allocation across all engines doesn’t exceed 12.

Multiple Shields Error

Solution: You can only have one shield module attached to your ship. Multiple shields are redundant.

Unassigned Weapon Error

Solution: Assign weapons to one of the three weapon groups (W0, W1, or W2) for effective combat. Weapons of the same type and model can be grouped together.

Excess Weapon Power Usage Error

Solution: Weapons have a max power draw of 12 per grouping. Don’t exceed this limit when configuring your ship’s weaponry.

Ship Size Error

Solution: Ship sizes are limited to 40m in all directions in Starfield. Be mindful of component sizes and build within this constraint.

Keep these errors and solutions in mind as you embark on your starship-building journey in Starfield. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to create the ship of your dreams and conquer the cosmos.

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