Amanda The Adventurer Endings, Secrets and Achievements

Hello from our Amanda The Adventurer Endings, Secrets and Achievements guide! Join Amanda and her pal Wooly on a series of adventures as they explore and learn about our wonderful world! With several NEW play-along, laugh-along, learn-along episodes there’s always fun to be had! Just make sure to do everything Amanda says or she might get angry. In this guide, we will show you how to 100% the game Amanda The Adventurer.

Amanda The Adventurer Endings, Secrets and Achievements

Welcome to our Amanda The Adventurer Endings, Secrets and Achievements guide. In this guide, we will show you how to 100% the game Amanda The Adventurer.


  • A Gruesome End: There are multiple ways to get this, the first way is to literally just finish the original “Everything Rots” tape. Second way is to disagree on helping the kitten in “What’s A Family?”
  • A Fateful End: This requires the alternate “Everything Rots” tape. You help the locked up kitten and the door opens, playing a 16-bit version of the amanda theme song. You go into it, finding yourself one of the blocks of meat in the butcher shop.
  • A Hollow End: Get the “We Can Share” tape from the chest, and when Amanda asks if she can share a secret with you, say “No.” When the tape ends, the attic is empty, with nothing but an open trapdoor and a note saying “Leave.”
  • The End: In the “We Can Share” tape, when Amanda asks if we can share a secret with you, say “Yes.” She tells her secret, and then the TV starts acting up. Throw a brick at the TV, and watch the sunrise from the attic window.
  • The End?: This ending requires all of the secret tapes (See “Secret Tapes.”) Just do the stuff you would normally do in the sunrise ending, as you watch the sunset, someone breaks into the attic, and roll the credits.

Secret Tapes

  • Orange Tape: Set the microwave to the stuff you would set it to on the apple pie, put the hidden peach in, and the peach, the pie tin, and the orange tape will come flying out.
  • Cyan Tape: Grow the hidden flower with the 21 on it, and give it to the doll. She will tell you to turn around, but if you turn around there’s nothing there. Look back at the doll, and she’s holding the Cyan Tape.
  • Red Tape: In the “What’s A Family” tape, when Amanda asks what the daddy chicken’s name is, type in “Sam,” the name of her actual IRL dad that disappeared. Pause the tape, and the Red Tape should be hanging around on the floor somewhere.
  • Green Tape: In the alternate “In Your Neighborhood” tape, when they’re in the 24/7 store, you should see a banner with music notes on it. Pause the tape and go to the piano, then type into the piano, “FACADE.” The top should open up and reveal a green tape.
  • Purple Tape: In the “Oh No! Accidents!” tape, when Amanda asks who can help Wooly from his “accident,” type “Nobody.” pause the tape, and the purple tape will be on the ground in front of you.
  • Secret Blue Tape: I don’t even know, ask your local hacker for assistance


  • Happy Birthday: In the “In Your Neighborhood” tape, pause in the 24/7 store, type the number on the banner into Blabbot, then go back to the TV, then Amanda should say “I don’t wanna play anymore.” A cake should be set on the table after that, solve the puzzle to find all 3 candles, and then the cake melts, giving you your achivement.
  • A Gruesome End: See “Endings”
  • A Hollow End: See “Endings”
  • A Fateful End: See “Endings”
  • The End: See “Endings”
  • The End?: See “Endings”
  • Splish Splash: Go to the closet, use code 2862, the closet should open and reveal a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, and spam click it with the plant laying on the ground near the mushrooms. Eventually, a fish should come out with your rightful achievement.
  • Pie Flavored: Place the apple in the pie tin after finishing “In The Kitchen.” Set the oven to the settings demonstrated in the tape, then place the pie tin in it. This is by far the easiest achievement in the game.
  • Chronomancer: After finishing “Oh No! Accidents!,” set the pocket watch to 3:45, then set the regular clock to 6:20, then set the alarm clock to 10:50 PM, put 5:15 on the grandfather clock. But part of it is missing, so go to the corkboard. There should be a news article with the other clock hand in it. Take the hand out and place it in the grandfather clock. Set it to 5:15, and then it should open with a tape, and your achievement in it.
  • Crayon Cutter: Go to the red box, and type in GUTS. It should open with some scissors in it.
  • Rodent Recycling: In the “In The Kitchen” tape, when Amanda gets the knife out, there should be a photo on the fridge with an oven on fire on it. Pause the tape, and go to the IRL oven. Adjust the heat, and go back to the TV, The oven should be on fire on the tape. The tape ends, and there should be a recipe for a meat pie. Put the cheese in the mouse trap, then a rat should go into it. Take the rat and put it in the pie tin, along with a mushroom and a potato plant. Set the oven to how it should be in the instructions, and place the pie tin in the oven. When the oven opens, the alternate version of “In Your Neighborhood” comes out, including your achievement.
  • Beethoven In Training: After the “In Your Neighborhood” tape, type “CBF” into the piano. A tape should come out, with your achievement.
  • Beethoven: See “Green Tape” in the “Secret Tapes” section.
  • Not That Pie: See “Orange Tape” in the “Secret Tapes” section.
  • Best Friend: Go to the closet, and use the code “2862.” It should open up with a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, and splash Blabbot with it.
  • Peekaboo: See “Cyan Tape” in the “Secret Tapes” section.
  • Daddy Issues: See “Red Tape” in the “Secret Tapes” section.
  • The Sad Truth: See “Purple Tape” in the “Secret Tapes” section.
  • Tonight’s Forecast: In the “What’s A Family?” tape, whenever a weather comes up, pause the tape and spin the wheel on the table. On the third spin, the wheel should pop off and bop you in the lip. Inside the wheel should be a tape, and an achievement.

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