American Truck Simulator Utah Achievements

American Truck Simulator Utah Achievements

Beehive State

Discover every city in Utah

Visit all 10 cities:

  • Cedar City
  • Logan
  • Moab
  • Ogden
  • Price
  • Provo
  • Salina
  • Salt Lake City
  • St. George
  • Vernal

This One Is Mine!

Visit all mines & quarries in Utah

There are 3 locations to visit:

  • Coastline Mining in Cedar City
  • Coastline Mining in Vernal
  • HMS in Salt Lake City

It’s Something

Find a sign that says “nothing”

It’s a hidden location, so finding it may cause some trouble. After driving around the whole state and checking every suspicious road, you’ll find this one near a parking lot with a nice view, on US-89:

“nothing” seems to be a message from Utah’s mapping team.

Some Like It Salty

Take a job from each company located in Salt Lake City

Complete a delivery from each company assigned to SLC, there are 8 of them:

  • Avalanche Steel x2
  • Coastline Mining
  • HMS
  • Plaster & Sons
  • Sell Goods
  • Voltison Motors
  • Wallbert

Pump It Up

Deliver 5 frac tank trailers to any oil drilling site in Utah

Find a job with this trailer:

And deliver it 5 times, to one of Gallon companies on the map:

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