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Welcome to our Aperture Desk Job How to Noclip & Open Console guide. This guide will show you how to noclip and Open Console in game.

Aperture Desk Job How To Noclip & Open Console

How to Open Console

  1. Open your Steam Library
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  2. Right click to “Aperture Desk Job”
  3. In context menu, select “Properties”
  4. In “Launch options” enter – “-console -vconsole” without quotes
  5. Open local game files
  6. Navigate to “game\bin\win64” and then open “vconsole2.exe”

How to Noclip

  • Enter
  • sv_cheats 1 – to enable cheats
  • and then bind
  • bind w +forward
  • bind a +left
  • bind d +right
  • bind s +back
  • bind n noclip
  • then change your noclip speed
  • “sv_noclipspeed 5” for example

and press “N”

About Aperture Desk Job

Aperture Desk Job brings a new breath to the walking simulator genre, which has been made many times. Sitting behind a desk, you will experience an endorphin-filled world where lightning strikes.

You are a new entry-level employee and today is your first day. Your heart is hope, your feet are full of dreams, and you are determined to climb the corporate ladder. But life has different plans for you and these plans include chairs.

Desk Job, a free-to-play game for Valve’s Steam Deck, is designed to teach you the controls and features of the Steam Deck in a way that’s more engaging than it sounds.

Not Portal 3!

Keep your expectations low: This is not a Portal sequel. You can raise your expectations a bit now because this game takes place in the expanded universe that those games belong to. Desk Job puts you in the driver’s seat of Aperture Science. Then he removes the sliding part completely and adds a table in front of a chair.

Steam Deck: A Desk for Your Hands

So far you have mostly sat in real life. Video games were also virtual fantasy worlds from which you could escape. With the Portable Steam Deck, we’ve completely changed that. Now you’ll be able to run marathons and jump out of planes while keeping your brain and hands busy with the things you used to do.

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