Back 4 Blood Beta – Stutter Fix for Friend Lists

Stutter Fix for Friend Lists

Welcome to our Back 4 Blood Stutter Fix for Friend Lists guide. A simple step-by-step guide if you have a large friendslist on Steam. The “problem” here is that the game always refreshes the (huge) Steam friendlist to see who’s online in the game. And this causes the stutter issues that’s happening every 15-20 seconds!

Step One

  • Start a game, log in and you’re in the camp!

Step Two – Stutter Fix for Friend Lists

  • While you’re in the camp, minimize your game and disconnect from your router!
  • Go back ingame and wait until you get logged off. You land where you see the B4B wallpaper!

Step Three

  • Minimize the game again and reconnect!
  • After you’re online again, go back ingame and login again.

Final Step! – Back 4 Blood Stutter Fix for Friend Lists

  • And now while you’re back in the camp and online again; the stutter issues should be removed now.

Important Tip & Last Words!

  • If you quit the game and want to play again later, you have to do the steps written in this guide again!
  • Let’s hope this issue will be solved for the full release!

Have fun with the Beta!

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