Baldur’s Gate 3: Hidden Treasure Locations in Moonrise Towers

Hidden treasure locations in the Shadow Cursed Lands during Act 2.

You entered Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3 and are looking for hidden chests, we have explained in detail how to do this in this guide.

Moonrise Towers Treasure Quest

In Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players venture into the Shadow Cursed Lands, a vast area affected by a potent curse. Traversing without a torch will harm your party, necessitating stronger precautions. Your primary objective is to reach the Last Light Inn and devise a means to navigate the Shadow Curse.

Once you’ve encountered Isabel or obtained a Moonlantern, it’s time to explore the Shadow Cursed Lands before advancing to the Moonrise Towers to confront your adversary. While delving deeper into the Last Light Inn, you may catch wind of a concealed treasure within the towers.

Selunite Resistance Investigating

Embark on the quest “Investigate the Selunite Resistance” by locating a chest at the abandoned potter’s workshop, situated at X:-54 Y:12. Explore the cellar beneath the Last Light Inn and breach a cracked wall in one of the cells. Engage in combat with the eerie new foes to uncover Halfred’s note. Then, proceed to the Mason’s Guild on the eastern fringes of the Shadow Cursed Lands. Discover the Mason’s Log, revealing the hidden treasure within the Moonrise Towers, and witness the remorse of its creator.

Infiltrating Moonrise Towers

There are various approaches to infiltrating the Moonrise Towers. It is advisable to clear the entire area before advancing. You may choose to assault the towers alongside the Harpers or ingratiate yourself with its malevolent denizens.

Hidden Treasure Location

Regardless of your method of entry, the hidden treasure will be indicated on your map upon completing the “Investigate the Selunite Resistance” sidequest. Positioned in the southwestern corner of the towers, head straight from the main entrance, then veer right, past the stairs descending into the Moonrise Towers Prison.

Acquiring the Hidden Treasure

Proceed through the chamber adorned with bunk beds until you reach the exterior. To your left, discover planks of wood leading to a cracked wall. Beware of any Holy Fire nearby to prevent your party from sustaining radiant damage. Demolish the cracked wall to reveal the chest containing gold, a pearl, and a scroll of Planar Binding. Upon looting the chest, the hidden treasure will be removed from your map.

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