Bee Swarm Simulator Beesmas Guide

Explore the Beemas annual celebration with festive activities on your preferred bee simulator platform. Find essential details and requirements in our comprehensive Beesmas update guide

Beemas is an annual celebration, customarily taking place between December and March, during which players engage in festive activities on their preferred bee simulator platform. Check out our guide to find out what you need with the Beesmas update.

Beesmas Complete Quests

Prepare yourselves for the much-anticipated Beesmas 2023 in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator! Although the official patch release is still pending, developer Onett has been dropping hints on the test server, indicating a prompt launch. To ensure you’re ready for the festivities, follow our comprehensive guide for a successful Beesmas experience.

1. Update Your Hive: An up-to-date hive is crucial for conquering Beesmas quests. Avoid struggling with outdated hives by upgrading in advance. Need help upgrading your bees? Refer to our guide on obtaining more Gifted Bees [hyperlink].

2. Acquire at Least 35 Bees: Secure a smooth start to Beesmas by having a minimum of 35 bees. This ensures you can immediately dive into quests when the update arrives, allowing you to seamlessly progress through the entire Beesmas event.

3. Save Rare Eggs: Collect high-value eggs such as Gold, Diamond, Star, Gifted Gold, Diamond, and Mythic Eggs. Save these for the sticker printer during Beesmas. While common eggs can be donated for basic stickers, rare eggs yield exclusive and superior stickers.

4. Immediate Sticker Printer Donations: As soon as Beesmas begins, donate to the sticker printer. Developer Onett plans to release the sticker update early, granting you an advantageous head start. Donate eggs every 15 minutes to accumulate boosts, facilitating easier honey grinding.

5. Defeat the Stump Snail: Embark on a journey to defeat the Stump Snail for a chance at a Supreme Shell Amulet with exceptional stats, including an additional 63% Stump Field Pollen. Additionally, collect a sticker providing an extra 5% Stump Pollen, totaling an impressive 68% additional pollen from the field.

6. Optimize Planters: Prepare for potential Christmas resources by maximizing your planters. Grind and harvest as much Nectar as possible before the Beesmas event release to stay ahead in the game.

7. Complete Side Spare Quests: Ensure you complete at least the first line of side spare quests to obtain the first translator. Allocate it to Stick Bug, a crucial asset for Beesmas. You may receive a Stick Bug Cub Buddy through a random drop or even secure a Stick Cub buddy sticker by ranking in the top 100 on the Top Stick Bug Fighters leaderboard.

8. Trading Hall Participation: Stay active in the Trading Hall, sharing extra stickers on the board for those less fortunate. Foster a collaborative community spirit as you exchange and contribute to the excitement of Beesmas.

Gear up for the Beesmas 2023 extravaganza in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator by following our detailed guide. Maximize your preparations, embrace the festivities, and make the most of this highly anticipated event. Bee prepared, and may your Beesmas be buzzing with success!

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