Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide

Welcome to our Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide. More than a guide, this serve as an encyclopedia.

Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide

Minor Orc

This low rank orc is fast and agressive and is the enemy you will encounter more frequently in the game. They wear a light plate armor and helm that provides them a decent defense. Some of them uses orc blades or bows which can cause POISONED status

Elite Orc – Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide

This orc is more tough than the regular orcs. It is also as agressive as the minor orc but with more HP and in some cases better equipment. You can find them alone or commanding other minor orcs. Some of them uses orc blades which can cause POISONED status


A human who died and became a walking rotten flesh. The zombie (or lich) has no combat skills, is slow, clumsy and easy to defeat. He can puke and provoke POISONED status.

Skeleton – Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide

Once great warriors, now they are only a pile of bones. Don’t let you fool because of that. Their skills are still great, even in death. They are fast and agressive and they are equipped with decent equipment. There are some skeletons that still keep their skill with the bow and can hit you from a far distance

Traitor Knight

Knights of the kingdom that went to the “dark side” and joined to the armies of chaos. They wear a complete armor for a good defense and also good equipment. They are usually guarding fortresses and protecting strategic spots of the kingdom. In rare cases, they can use also bows

Minotaur – Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide

The minotaur is the biggest enemy you will encounter in the game (aside from bosses). They are slow but with an insane amount of HP. You will need powerful attacks for bring them down fast. They are equipped with a butcher knife but some are equipped with a hammer that increases their damage drasticaly


An agressive and strong foe. He deals a lot of damage and has decent amount of HP. Some of his attacks are slow so you can get that chance to hit him with a strong attack. Like the minotaur, they are equipped either with a butcher knife or a hammer for a better damage

Chaos Knight

An elite knight that went to the “dark side” and joined the army of chaos. He is really skilled and uses a big sword (single-handed) and a big shield. He can also use magic. His thick armor protect him against any type of damage and you will need a lot of strong hits for put him down


A little creature that is really weak and usually attack in groups. It is not a big challenge. You will need to use low attacks for hit them (or with the default attack)

Spider – Blade of Darkness Enemies Guide

The weakest enemy of the game. They also attack in groups. You will need to use low hits for hit them (I think they can poison you but I am not sure of this)

Lich Knight (W.I.P)

Dark Knight (W.I.P)

Golems – Stone, fire, ice and metal (W.I.P)

Gouls (W.I.P)

Vampire (W.I.P)

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