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Blade of Darkness Tips & Tricks

Welcome to our Blade of Darkness Tips & Tricks guide. This guide is for people who never played a souls-like game before and want to play at least decent.

Blade of Darkness Tips & Tricks

Take your Time, Don’t Rush

In the past years (even now more, since the re-release of Blade of Darkness) I saw a lot of players playing the game the wrong way and dying a lot. That’s because they think is a “Devil May Cry” game or a “Castlevania”. It isn’t. This game is based on tactics and skill rather than “go with everything you got and pray for the best” (some people spam the default attack button all the time and praying to kill the enemy. That’s because two things: panic or they want the job done as soon as possible). Wait an observe. Learn and study the moves of every enemy. When you start to get knowledge about the enemies you encounter, will be more easier to kill them

Learn and Use Combos / Abilities (F1)

Another error new players tend to do is, not to look into the combo / abilities menu, completing the map with the basic attacks and suffering a lot. Learn combos (and use them) is essential in this game and makes your journey easier. Every weapon (all characters) has it’s own combo and every character have their own abilities (combos and abilities are learned by leveling up and each one requires a certain level for use it) Some combos / abilities are harder than others. Take your time for train and adapt to each of them. Faster enemies will require fast combos. From the other hand slow and big enemies are perfect for slow but powerful combos

Get Used to Block, Dodge & Parry – Blade of Darkness Tips & Tricks

These are the ways for not recieve damage (obviously). Some players tend to have a shield equiped (Dwarf or Knight) and not block at all (they are focused in offense 100% rather than block and hit) or dodge less (or not at all). Some characters have dodge combos (left + attack, right + attack) which are perfect for evade the enemy attacks and then strike back (the Amazon doesn’t have dodge attacks). Characters like the Dwarf and the Knight are best used when you first block the enemy hit and then strike (they will be stunned for one second). Remember that some enemies can’t be blocked and you will recieve damage. You can still block (parry) with the Amazon and the Barbarian even without using shields. But becareful because their weapons has resistance. When this reach 0, the weapon will be completely broken (like the shields)

Use Always the “Lock on” Mode

This will focus your attacks and combos to the targeted enemy. You can cicle enemies pressing TAB. The auto lock on mode is off by default. You will need to go to GAME SETTINGS and activate it. For escape from a fight (or lock on into an enemy) press the SAVE WEAPON key

Don’t Abuse Potions only for Some Scratches (60, 70 & 80 HP left)

Some players tend to heal a lot. Even recieving a little damage they will still use 500 / 1000 HP potions. Save them when you really need it. This applies to the 50 and 150 HP potions as well (these potions cannot be carried) Before start drinking potions like a “drunkard”, search for consumables like cheese, meat or bread (also radishes and mushrooms) and save the potions for needy moments. Potions can also heal POSION

Try Always to Find Power Potions (Blue) – Blade of Darkness Tips & Tricks

These special potions increase your DAMAGE and DEFENSE considerably. They are well hidden and they are used for kill strong enemies or bosses. They are not abundant so use them wisely

Where is the Save Menu? I can’t Find it

People don’t invest time in looking the game menu nowadays and what have to offer. But don’t worry because I am here for help you. For save, press ESC and then go to GAME. Press SAVE and select one save slot and press INTRO for save your progress.

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