Borderlands GOTY – SHiFT Codes and VIP (Apr 10,2019)

Borderlands Newest SHiFT Codes (last update Apr 10, 2019)

Golden Key Codes:

SHiFT Codes 

1. WJCBB-5RRJK-9B3RJ-6XT3T-CBZBF –  5 Golden Keys  – 8 Apr, 2019
2. SRCBJ-5KXFF-5T6K3-33BBB-WBF6H  – 5 Golden Keys  – 10 Apr, 2019

SHiFT Codes Activation Guide

To activate the SHiFT code in the game, open the Extras tab in the main menu.
Also, you can activate codes without entering the game, through your SHiFT account

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