Captain Toad Locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

In the world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, there are Captain Toads hidden in various places. If you’re having trouble finding these Captain Toads, take a look at our guide right away! There are 5 Captain Toad locations on a total of 2 separate maps!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Captain Toad Locations

Looking to score some extra Flower Coins in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? One of the best ways is by finding Captain Toad. Each Captain Toad location you discover will net you a cool 50 Flower Coins. So let’s dive right into where you can find these sneaky characters!

Captain Toad in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Captain Toad

Why Find Captain Toad?

Before we get into the locations, let’s quickly talk about why you’d want to find Captain Toad. Each Captain Toad gives you 50 Flower Coins, which you can use in Poplin Shops for various goodies. Plus, who doesn’t like a good scavenger hunt?

Pro Tip: It’s often better to complete the game or the specific level first. Why? Some map areas and secret exits get unlocked only after you’ve finished, making it easier to find Captain Toad.

Captain Toad Locations in Pipe-Rock Plateau

Location 1

  1. Finish the “Piranha Plants on Parade” level via the secret exit.
  2. A pipe south of the level will unlock.
  3. Jump in that pipe, and voila! There’s Captain Toad!

Location 2

  1. Head to the desert part of the level.
  2. Fork over 10 Flower Coins to open up a new path.
  3. Find “Badge Challenge Parachute Parachute Cap I.”
  4. Check the upper right corner. Hidden by some rocks and trees, you’ll see a secret chute.
  5. Go down the pipe, and guess who’s there? Captain Toad!

Location 3

  1. Navigate to the toxic swamp area.
  2. Play “Angry Spikes and Sinkin Pipes” level.
  3. Another secret pipe is in the upper right corner.
  4. Head down the pipe, and Captain Toad will be waiting for you!

Captain Toad Locations in Sunbaked Desert

Location 1

  1. Start from “Color-Switch Dungeon.”
  2. Before climbing any stairs, head left into a corridor.
  3. Go down, then left, then up, almost like you’re circling around.
  4. There’s a hidden pipe in the top-right corner.
  5. Enter the pipe, and Captain Toad greets you on an island!

Location 2

  1. Go to “The Desert Mystery” level.
  2. Walk left until you find a secret passage underneath a castle. An NPC will mark the spot.
  3. Ignore the levels you pass and keep walking right.
  4. At the end, you’ll find another pipe.
  5. Jump in, and Captain Toad will be next to a waterfall.

Captain Toad Rewards

Captain ToadsReward
Captain Toad in
Pipe-Rock Plateau (W1)
50 Flower Coins
Captain Toad in
Fluff-Puff Peaks (W2)
50 Flower Coins

Captain Toad will reward you with 50 Flower Coins when you find him and talk to him the first time.

And there you have it! These are the Captain Toad locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Happy hunting, and may your Flower Coin pouch always be full!

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