Children of Morta – The Bergson Guide

The Bergsons

The Bergsons – Unplayable Characters

Here are all the characters, organized by order of appearence.

Unplayable Characters

Margaret – The Grandma

Mother to Ben and John, she is the heart and soul of the Bergsons, containing the knowledge to guide the family in these difficult times. Slowly revealing the secrets needed to defeat the corruption that spreads across the land, threatening life as we know it.

During the first few runs you will stumble on Grandma in one of the random events, where she stands in front of a wall. This will unlock the Book of Rea: A place where you can boost different aspects in the game. Will be explained in a different section.

Adam- The Grandfather

Missing Image

Father of Ben.
Presumed dead. Last seen at the Caeldippo Caves.

Mary – The Mother

Rescued by John from goblins – they fell in love. Thus continuing the line of Bergsons.
Tree line:
Linda -> Mark -> Kevin -> Lucy -> ..and a baby!

Ben – The Uncle

Son of Rebecca and Adam.
After losing his leg to vicious goblins, he devoted his life to the fine arts and crafts of Blacksmithing. Thus becoming the family’s source to weapons and enhancing them.

After your first run you will immediately open Ben as your Blacksmith, enabling you to enhance the different aspects of your characters. These buffs apply to all family members.

The Bergsons – Playable Characters 1

Playable Characters

John – The Warrior

Son of Margaret and Adam.
Father of the family, John carries his ancestral sword – the one that was wielded by his father Adam. The sword was recently found when John returned home to search for his father in the Caeldippo caves.

John is a sword & shield wielder, able to swing at large groups of enemies as well as blocking incoming hits and striking from behind his shield. A great all-round character.



Linda – The Archer

Eldest daughter of Mary and John, music is her love.
At a young age she were taught by her father to use the bow – a weapon she felt a connection to, not unlike her violin.

This is your first ranged character. She gains bonuses from hitting from afar without moving but can fire while moving, this in turn drains her stamina. Regens when not shooting/moving.

Good mobility but can be countered by large groups of enemies. Her Right Click ability can help with that as well as some runes.



The Bergsons – Playable Characters 2

Kevin – The Assassin

The younger brother in the family, he and Mark hold a close bond to each other.

The quickest and boldest in the family, Kevin carries two daggers. He moves at high speed, easily maneuvering across the battlefield and quickly disposing of enemies.
Kevin builds rage as he successfully hits his targets, further increasing his attack speed, thus able to mow down mobs and bosses at very high speeds.



Mark – The Monk

Elder son to Mary and John, after being saved from death by a monk, he decided to dedicate his life to follow that path.

Mark is a monk melee fighter, his Left Click attacks dashes him between enemies in range at high attack speeds causing AoE damage around the target. Great for fighting groups of enemies, difficult to avoid damage. Combines Right-in-your-face tactics with great pulling mechanisms, stuns and knockbacks.



Ben’s Workshop

After your first run you unlock the Workshop, maintained by Ben – allowing you to further increase your family member’s strength in various attributes.

The upgrades are unlocked by finding Manuscripts at the end of the different dungeons.

Book of Rea

During you first few runs you will encounter Grandma Margaret facing a peculiar wall, mumbling a few things to herself.

At this point you will unlock 2 things:
1. Obelisks (Different Section)
2. The Book of Rea

The Book of Rea is managed by Margaret and provides you with beneficial effects during you runs.
To buy the upgrades you need Morv.

The Merchant

You will encounter this fellow in one of your early adventures. Rescue him from imprisonment and you will find him at the end of floors, offering you 4 different items (Relics/Charms/Graces/Runes) and Health Potions in exchange for gemstones.
It is recommended to save at least 3 gemstones for the end of the run.

The merchant will always have Health Potion for sell at the cost of 1 gemstone – unlimited amount of purchases.

Most items will cost 3 gemstones, some more common items will sell at 2.


Divine Graces

Divine Graces are buffs/companions that you can unlock.
There is no limit to the amount of Graces you can have on your character.
You will unlock more graces as you continue in the game.


  • Atar’s Ignition – Damaged enemies burn in flames
  • Keen Edge – Increases primary attack damage
  • Venom Coating – Poisons damaged enemies
  • Mighty Touch – Your primary attack has a chance to stun
  • Ace’s Contingency – Primary attacks have a chance to throw an axe


  • Reflective Stone – Chance to fire projectiles in all directions when hit
  • Bramble Wrappings – Damages enemies on contact
  • Blood Owed – Nearby enemies take damage when you’re attacked
  • Grim’s Orbit – Flames orbit you, damaging enemies
  • Rebirth – Upon receiving a fatal blow, revive with modest portion of your health


  • Bladeslinger – A melee companion that fights by your side
  • Lifelong Pal – Heals a portion of your health once in a while
  • Dazing Spheroid – A companion that stuns enemies


  • Lucky Charm – Increases the amount of Morv gained
  • Swift Shanks – Increases Movement Speed
  • Gift of Life – Increases Maximum Health
  • Choker of Elusion – Increases Dodge Chance

Divine Relics

Relics are usable items that can be found during the dungeons that are activated by using Q.
You can only have 1 Divine Relic at a time (until later in the game).


  • Totem of Defiance – Create a totem that knocks enemies back
  • Black Despair – Create a vortex that pulls enemies in
  • Totem of Rostam – Create a totem that greatly buffs you
  • Totem of Anahid – Create a totem that slows enemies
  • Totem of Deception – Create a totem that distracts all enemies
  • Enmiring Brace – Create an area that slows and damages enemies
  • Dragon of Sol – Summon a dragon that damages enemies and leaves a damaging pool
  • Totem of Warding – Create a totem that shoots enemies around it

Around you:

  • Electrocalypse – Create a temporary aura that damages nearby enemies
  • Emerald Pulse – Release a massive pulse, pushing enemies away from you


  • Ring of Cloaking – Become temporarily Invisible
  • Jin’s Potion – Restore a portion of your health
  • Pulsating Orb – Shoot a missile that grows larger with time and explodes on impact


Just like Divine Relics, Charms are usable items that have certain effects on the player.
Press R to use your charm. You can have infinite numbers of charms on you.

  • Cursed Potion of Life – Increased maximum health at the expense of primary damage
  • Ferocious Token – Ferocious enemies do less damage
  • Greater Gemstone Wrapping – Drops three gemstones
  • Bloodstrike – Increased primary damage at the expense of maximum health
  • Reckless Precision – Increased critical hit chance
  • Ring of Regeneration – Constantly regenerate health, but health potions are less effective
  • Essence of the Obelisk – Gain the effect of a random obelisk of Morta
  • Ring of Ambition – Corpses have less chance to get corrupted and spawn enemies
  • Gemstone Wrapping – Drops a single gemstone
  • Essence of Finesse – Increases movement speed
  • Potion of Life – Increases maximum health


Once you encounter Margaret standing in front of the wall, she will unlock Obelisks.
These are spread around the dungeons, containing different effects that are instant or carry over time. They will deploy automatically when “using” the obelisk.

Limited Duration:

  • Obelisk of Swiftness – Move at greater speed
  • Obelisk of Skill – Greatly increases critical chance
  • Obelisk of Force – Explosive force surrounds you, damaging enemies
  • Obelisk of Mastery – Increases exp gain
  • Obelisk of Endurance – Strongly reduces damage taken
  • Obelisk of Fortune – Significantly increases luck
  • Obelisk of Spirit – Rage regenerates at greater rate


  • Obelisk of Vitality – Instantly Heals.


Runes are items that fit into skill slots and contain bonus effects.
Each skill can have 1 active Rune. Some Runes will only drop for certain characters.


  • Mountain Strike – Executing a primary critical strike releases the Guardian’s fist
  • Barrier Thorns – Atman’s barrier deals thorn damage, reflecting damage back to the attackers
  • Corpse Explosion – Chance for enemies to explode on death, damaging nearby enemies
  • (Ranged) Dragon Gaze – Primary attack will penetrate enemies
  • Mighty Touch – Primary attack will push enemies back


  • Mastery Shot – Primary attack now releases 3 arrows
  • Linda’s Explosive Crescendo – Linda launches an explosive crescendo upon a critical primary attack
  • Incendiary Shot – Explosive Crescendo inflicts fire damage, burning enemies over time
  • Implosive Shot – Explosive Crescendo inflicts more damage, at the cost of area of effect
  • Stunning Shot – Explosive Crescendo will stun enemies
  • Dispersed Shot – Explosive Crescendo has a larger area of effect, at the cost of reducing damage
  • Vortex Shot – Explosive Crescendo pulls enemies toward the center of the area of effect


  • Kevin’s Punch Watch – Kevin emerges to execute Shadow Dance upon a critical primary attack
  • Raging Rogue – Frenzy effect will increase damage while also increasing attack speed
  • Swirl of Daggers – Chance to attack in all directions at maximum Frenzy
  • Deadly Storm – Frenzy effect will increase critical chance while also increasing attack speed
  • Ethereal Gift – Regenerate rage at maximum Frenzy
  • Cone of Knives – Fan of Knives is condensed into a small cone in front of Kevin
  • Cloaked Eruption – Create an explosion when activating Shadow Cloak

Caeldippo Caves

The Dog

  • Where

This encounter happens during Caeldippo Caves (1) when playing with John.
On the 2nd floor he will encounter a young pup defending it’s mother.
After defeating the foes you will return the dog back home where he needs to be treated with certain plants.

  • How:

Save The Dog: Spordic Fungus + (?) These plants can be found in the Caeldippo Caves (2) & (1) accordingly, behind energy gates
Build it a House: Wood & Nails in Caeldippo Caves (3)

  • What:



  • Where:

After Mark barely returns home to give his family the news of the spreading corruption, Margaret will say that Mark can be saved using a How original special plant.

  • How:

These plants can be found in the Caeldippo Caves, behind energy gates.

  • What:

You unlock Mark for play

Golden Eggs

  • How:

You need to walk through the portal and follow the strange bird. It will move fast and you will need to follow the golden footsteps before they disappear. On the way you will encounter many different mobs (including Ferocious) and they will attack you.
Once you reach the energy gate you will know you succeeded.

  • What:

Congrats, ye got yourself an egg.
Golden eggs are extremely useful and allow you to reset your family member’s skills. This encounter is rare and triggered by a glowing circle randomly generated in dungeons.

The Memory Game

  • How:

You need to step on the right pressure plates at the right order.
Step correctly on all 4 plates at the right order and you will be rewarded.
If you’ve stepped on the wrong one, enemies will appear.
Can include Ferocious

  • What:

Common: Morv, Potions
Uncommon – Rare: Graces, Relics, Charms, Gemstones

The Arguing Men

  • How:

Two men are arguing near a campfire, when a few enemies show up further heat the conversation.

  • What:

Awards you with the souvenir: Ancient Light

The Ruined Camp

  • How:

A camp torn apart by goblins. May contain Ferocious

  • What:

Awards you with the souvenir: Play Ball

Pong of the Gods

  • How:

Use W & S to control your panel. The point of this game is to hit the other panel with the returning ball. 5 Strikes needed.

  • What:

Common: Morv, Potions
Uncommon – Rare: Graces, Relics, Charms, Gemstones

A Lost Boy

  • How:

A lost boy in need of help. Escort him back to his mother.

  • What:

Awards you with the souvenir: Floating Suns

The Gamble

  • How:

Choose between 3 options. 1 Gives you the reward straight away, the other 2 destroy the prize.

  • What:

Common: Morv, Potions
Uncommon – Rare: Graces, Relics, Charms, Gemstones

Safe Haven

  • How:

A traveler and wife wishing to reach a safe haven are in need of rescue. Defeat their enemies to receive a reward.

  • What:

Awards you with the souvenir: Wooden Bat

Broken Wagon

  • How:

A family gets stuck on the road. Uncle Ben is there to help them fix their wagon, but he misses supplies. Continue further in the dungeon on the same floor and get the Wood he needs (behind another energy barrier).

  • What:

Awards you with the souvenir: Board game, as well as Morv and sometimes an item

Stranded Caravan

  • How:

A group of travelers are stuck on the road, many enemies between them and safety. Accompanied by another Bergson you set out to defeat the enemies and rescue them.

  • What:

Common: Morv, Potions
Uncommon – Rare: Graces, Relics, Charms, Gemstones

Tips & Tricks

  • Save at least 3 gemstones for the end of the run. The merchant may have some very useful items for sell at the cost of 3. Or at least you’ll be able to buy Health Potions to heal yourself.
  • Linda is more powerful when she stands still and fires. Choose your location wisely and invest in skills that benefit her for some incredible damage boosters.
  • Killing the same boss more than once will not drop any new items.
  • Some characters have special events in different dungeons, making it important to adventure with all your family.
  • Family traits affect your whole family, make sure to level all of them for some great added bonuses.
  • Melee fighter? Your attacks cause enemies to flinch thus disabling their incoming attack!
    Remember – Offense is sometimes the best Defense!
  • As John your shield blocks incoming attacks from all directions.
  • Remember your evade causes you to roll into the direction you move to, not point to.
  • Spike traps and corruption pools/altars cause damage to both you and enemies when triggered, use the environment to your aid!
  • Don’t be afraid to run around and dodge enemies while you wait for a better position or your skills to reset. You don’t suffer damage from walking through enemies, only from incoming attacks.

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