Chivalry 2 Knight Guide

Welcome to our Chivalry 2 Knight Guide. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to play as a knight in Chivalry 2.

Chivalry 2 Knight Guide

In these Knight guides, we examine a variety of different techniques and skills for playing Knight in Chivalry 2 by breaking them into different videos focusing on one aspect per video.

Knight Mechanics Video Guide

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Knight Gameplay Video Guide

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Knight Tips

Knights are the most famous medieval warriors. Up to the task of helping the weak and ferocious defenders of the crown and the dragon slayers. They also wore a lot of armor and a large ancient sword.

In Chivalry 2, ironically, you don’t have to worry about voting, honors, or dragons.Instead, you go into battle with your less armored friends to soak up damage, decapitate enemies, and bask in victory. But for anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a grip and a grip and is unsure whether to put the armor on or take it off.

Chivalry 2 Knight Class

The Knight class health is 175, which is the highest of any class available in Chivalry 2. In addition, this class is heavily armored and is excellent at taking damage and blocking attacks. In addition, knights have a special ability that charges when they receive or block an attack.The Knight class is primarily for the front line on the battlefield. Either fight a lot of enemies at once due to the high health and armor they have, or just hold the line when necessary.

The only thing this class lacks is speed. It has a max speed of 80, which is less than other classes, but it’s covered by the other perks it has. You can still easily attack enemies when you reach the max speed of 80.Just like the other classes in Chivalry 2, Knight also has subclasses which are listed below.

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