Chivalry 2 Vanguard Guide

Welcome to our Chivalry 2 Vanguard Guide. This guide will cover all about the Vanguard Class in Chivalry 2, the best weapons, and some basic tips for playing the class.

Chivalry 2 Vanguard Guide

The Vanguard class in Chivalry 2 is primarily intended for players who love fast-paced combat. With this class, you have 130 max health, 120 speed, and 100 stamina.

With these stats, it’s fairly easy for you to dodge and perform quick retaliatory strikes. Vanguard is considered the strongest class, but also the most difficult. Only experienced players can use this class, as even her ability, Leaping Strike, can be difficult to master.

Vanguard Mechanics Video Guide

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Vanguard Gameplay Video Guide

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Chivalry 2 Vanguard Weapons

Since the Vanguard class is all about speed, endurance and agility; It’s best to opt for weapons that deal a good amount of damage, even with lighter hits.

For this, the following weapons might be best for the Vanguard class:

Glaive War Scythe

Glaive proves to be a great weapon for the Vanguard class as it not only deals a lot of damage but also allows you to one to keep distance of enemies. Although Glaive deals relatively less damage than other Vanguard weapons, it’s better suited to long-range hits and hit-and-run scenarios.

You must understand the physique of this weapon to use it effectively. Since 80% of its part is a wooden handle, it does little damage if it goes through that part.So you need to focus your attacks through the front of the sharp metal edge at 20%, which actually deals decent damage.

Ax of the Executioner

You have a wide range of axes at your disposal, most notably Ax of the Executioner, Decapitation Axe and Bow Axe. Executioner’s Ax is a perfect match for Vanguard’s abilities, specifically Vanguard’s long jump.

The only downside to this weapon is that you have to focus attacks through the ax head. You also need to learn the correct distance required for this axe.This is because you cannot hit at long range, nor can you stand too close and expect the sharp part of the weapon to hit the enemy.

Maul – Maulnir

You can use Maul, Maulnir or Spiked Maul very efficiently with the Vanguard class. The best part about using Maul is that you can still count on it even if you keep a little distance from enemies.

Although his short-range strikes aren’t as destructive, his long-range attacks can inflict serious damage, especially if you take more time to swing him.

The best part about using Maul with the Vanguard class is that it syncs perfectly with Vanguard’s Leaping Attack ability. He even has the ability to smash the enemy’s head, and the hammer’s huge face adds more precision to your blows.Two-Handed Hammer: Nadzjak

Nadzjak, or the Two-Handed Hammer, is considered one of the deadliest Vanguard weapons. This weapon is so powerful that it can shoot many enemies and archers.

The only weak point of the two-handed hammer is its long handle. It is made of wood material with leather strips on it. The grip is too light and does minimal damage.Therefore, you should always try to hit enemies with the hammer.

The Greatsword

The greatsword is arguably the Vanguard’s greatest weapon. It’s a two-handed weapon that sticks out to get at the enemy backline. The great thing about the greatsword is that, unlike other weapons, it deals significant damage no matter what part of the sword is used.

It is equally sharp from top to bottom and a single blow can shoot many enemies.You can poke, slash, or run over enemies with it like any other weapon, but with increased damage.

The greatsword’s only downside is that it does slightly less damage to armored enemies.

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