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Core Keeper Fishing Leveling Guide

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Welcome to the Core Keeper Fishing Leveling Guide! Core Keeper is a fun and engaging game that takes you on an adventure through the mystical world of Core Keeper. As a fisherman in this world, you will encounter a wide variety of fish that you can catch and sell for profit.

Fishing is not only a fun activity in Core Keeper but also a crucial one. It allows you to earn resources and level up your character, which unlocks new fishing spots and gear. This leveling guide is here to help you maximize your fishing experience and get the most out of your time in Core Keeper.

Whether you’re a new player looking to level up quickly or a seasoned veteran wanting to optimize your fishing strategy, this guide has something for you. We will cover everything from the basics of fishing to advanced techniques and strategies that will help you become a master angler. So grab your fishing rod and let’s get started!

Core Keeper Fishing Leveling Guide

Welcome to my Core Keeper Fishing guide, this is just going to be a quick and minimalistic step-by-step guide to help you waste less time staring at the screen while trying to max out your fishing skill so that you may save a few precious hours to do something more important, like going outside and touching grass, something you’ll most likely want to do after spending all this time levelling fishing, let’s get right into it.

How Does It Work Fishing in Core Keeper?

The simple answer, you get a fishing rod, locate a body of water, tap right click while holding the rod and then you wait for the notification before pressing right click again and you either pulled up something that isn’t a fish (great!), or you get pulled into a mini-game of struggle with a random fish (booo!).

Now why is the latter bad? Isn’t the goal of fishing to catch fish? Yes! If you want to waste time grinding your precious XP and not speed-running to lvl 100.

Here’s the crux of the problem, the game doesn’t care what you catch, you get the same amount of progress for catching some kelp as you do fishing up the legendary Starlight Nautilus, so why waste time battling a fish when you could be filling your chests with stinky kelp and your skill tree with skill points. For that purpose, it’s important to make our catches hook faster, and to minimize our chances of hooking a fish, while also ensuring that if we do hook a fish, we can fish it up as fast as possible.

Gearing Up

Time for a checklist.

  1. Fishing rod, the bigger fishing bonus the better, Galaxite Fishing Rod is currently the strongest one, use what you can get. The higher your fishing skill the faster you can reel in fish that unfortunately get caught on your hook.
  2. Glowing Bait, plant and harvest a ton of Glow Tulips and use the Bait Workbench to craft this bait and then equip it in your off-hand slot, that’ll keep those darn fish off your hook, most of the time.
  3. Rings, namely 2 Goldfish Rings, using the bait from step 2, go fishing in the Forgotten Ruins until you pull up 2 of these and equip them, they’ll make things get caught on your hook faster and will save you a lot of time.
    • Technically these items are already sufficient, but there’s a few more things you can use to help deal with those nasty fishes.
  4. The Neptune Necklace, gives a boost to your fishing skill, either buy it from the Fishing Merchant or go fishing in the Clay Caves for one.
  5. The Diving Helmet, fish in the Sunken Sea for one, don’t forget to reinforce it at a salvage station for a small boost in fishing skill.
  6. The Kelp Mantle, fish in the Mold Dungeon for one, don’t forget to reinforce it at a salvage station to make fish a tiny bit easier to reel in.
  7. The Scuba Fins… would do the opposite of what we want, catching more fish, but for completions sake, it can be gotten by fishing in the Underground, the dirty place you began your journey at, again, you don’t need it nor should you equip them, until you DO want to catch fish, pfft, lunatic.
  8. Consumables, Rare Astral Berry Pudding, If you (or a friend) has maxed out Gardening and can grow golden crops then I’ve got a secret for you, go fishing in Azeos’s Wilderness in search of the rare Astral Jelly, cook it together with a golden veggie for a 5m long +79 boost to your fishing skill. Wait, weren’t we supposed to NOT catch fish? Yes! That’s why this is optional, but if you have it, good, if you don’t have golden veggies, the non-rare variant gives a modest +63 fishing bonus.
  9. The skill tree, for when you do get skill points.
Core Keeper Fishing Leveling Guide
Core Keeper Fishing Leveling Guide

Max out Angler’s Advantage and Improved Bait, DO NOT put a single point into Fisherman’s Luck as this will make you catch more fish, again, that’s bad.

Core Keeper Fishing Equipments

Fishing Set

  1.  Diving Helm
  2.  Kelp Mantle
  3.  Scuba Fins
  4.  Neptune Necklace
  5.  Goldfish Ring

Fishing Set Bonus

3 set: +23% of fishing added as range damage
5 set: +31% chance to get double fish when catching a fish

Fishing Baits

Core Keeper Fishing Guide
Core Keeper Fishing Guide
 Spicy BaitA well-seasoned type of bait that attracts fish more quickly.
 Sweet BaitA sugary type of bait that increases the chance of catching fish instead of loot.
 Glowing BaitA luminous type of bait that increases the chance of pulling up loot.
 Sticky BaitAn icky type of bait that pulls fish closer before they even bite.
 Purple BaitA shimmering bait that catches the eye of more rare fish.
 Green BaitA pointy bait that can stick to fish from the outside to catch more and catch them faster.
 Red BaitA wiggly bait that looks like a red worm, quickly drawing fish closer to you before they bite.
Core Keeper Baits

All done!

Armed with this knowledge you may now go fish wherever you feel like, knowing full well that you’ve saved precious time to become the best fisherman in the ruins… by catching as little fish as possible. Technically I was going to figure out which area is the best for levelling fishing in, but that’s going to be up to your own personal preference.

Core Keeper AutoFish

If all of this still sounds like too much work and you want to save even more time, there’s apparently a mod out there called AutoFish by xiaoye97 which allows you to fully AFK, all you have to do is throw the line out once and it will automatically re-cast the line and perfectly micro the fishing minigame so that you can go watch a movie or take a nap. This is obviously cheating and you will be getting coal for Christmas. But I’m not your mother, do as you wish, I take no responsibility for what you do with this knowledge.

Fishing in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, players can engage in a fishing minigame that involves using a fishing rod to catch fish. To cast the line, players must hold down the right mouse button to charge and release it to cast up to three blocks in the direction of the cursor. Once the bobber bobs in a water block with fish, players have a few seconds to enter the minigame by pressing the right mouse button.

The minigame features two bars that track the player’s progress in catching the fish and the fishing line’s durability. Players must try to bring the fish to the left of the progress bar while preventing the line from breaking. During the minigame, the fish alternates between escaping and resting, and players must time their clicks accordingly to make progress. Each fish has a unique cycle that players can learn to recognize, such as the Orange Cave Guppy’s long escape period and long rest period. The fishing minigame can be cancelled at any time by moving the character or unequipping the fishing rod.

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