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Core Keeper Hive Mother How to Kill

Welcome to our Core Keeper Hive Mother How to Kill guide. This guide will show you super easy Hive Mother killing.

Core Keeper Hive Mother How to Kill

First Steps

  1. Prepare the room, you only need a relatively semi-open area. Give yourself room to run around to avoid acid.
  2. Start taking the fleshy wall and placing the pieces around the egg spawns located around the hive mother before you begin the fight
  3. Double check to make sure there’s no gaps to walk in through for the stuff that will spawn during the fight.
  4. Bring food/potions for slight emergencies where you accidentally may get hit.

The Fight

  1. Eat whatever movement speed / Attack related food you have for buffs and keep whacking away at the Hive Mother
  2. The Hive Mother will be spitting acid at you so just keep running clockwise or counter-clockwise, sticking to 1 direction is easier to manage. Avoid walking into the acid left behind. (Optional) Have a friend on shovel duty.
  3. Ignore any of the Hive Eggs that are spawning cause well, they’re trapped inside the fleshy wall. They can’t do anything.
  4. Sometimes there will be small larvae that spawn outside on the ground, just kill them quickly and then back to business as usual.
  5. Congrats, that’s basically the whole fight.

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