Death Stranding – Farming Chiral Crystals

Death Stranding How to Farm Chiral Crystals

One of the most important materials you’ll need to farm that’s needed for a wide variety of fabrication is Chiral Crystals. You’ll learn how to collect it early on from the gold hand-looking crystals that sprout out of the ground – but in order to help build, upgrade, and repair structures and roads, you should always have a large amount of Chiral Crystals on you.

The easiest way is to make sure you are constantly scanning your surroundings and picking up any stray crystals you pass by. Generally, the more developed looking crystals (bigger looking hands) will give you more crystals per collection, and if you keep your eyes out, you may notice some especially large crystals along your delivery route.

Sometimes, if you get lucky, you may stumble across a small field of Chiral Crystals ready for harvesting. This can often appear in craters, ravines, or rarely traversed areas, so it may be worth your while to go on detours to look for harvesting areas.

However the best far and away method to harvest Chiral Crystals is to hunt BTs. When defeated – either by blood-based weaponry or using a special tool to cut umbilical cords later in the game – the BTs will leave behind a Chiral Crystal at the spot where they floated up into the air. A careful player can quickly diverse a dangerous BT area and hunt the hunters, racking up a good number of crystals.

It’s even more worth your while to get caught on purpose, and become locked in a battle with the Catcher BT. By defeating these minibosses by using a slew of Hematic Grenades or other blood weapons, the giant enemy will turn to gold before shattering and leaving behind a huge nest of Chiral Crystals, which you can quickly gather by holding down square.

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