Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%. Just a small Guide on every achievement.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%



Unlock all achievements in Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles.

  • Difficuly: 3/10
  • Duration: About 20-25 hrs
  • Missible: No. You can access every level in the game
  • Offline or Online achievements: : Offline; Every achievements is offline doable.

Story Achievements


Trigger a Trance Memory
Probably the first achievement you will get. A Trance Memory is triggered during/after the FInal Clash (the Quick Time Event) in a battle

Chapter Achievements:

Simply finish the chapters


Complete the Prologue.

Final Selection

Complete Chapter 1: Final Selection.

The Swamp Demon

Complete Chapter 2: The Swamp Demon.

Death Match in Asakusa

Complete Chapter 3: Death Match in Asakusa.

Echoing Drums

Complete Chapter 4: Echoing Drums.


Complete Chapter 5: Hinokami

Hashira Meeting

Complete Chapter 6: Hashira Meeting.

The Butterfly Mansion

Complete Chapter 7: The Butterfly Mansion.

Mugen Train

Complete Chapter 8: Mugen Train.

HinoKami Chronicles

Complete every Chapter

S-Rank Chapter Achievements : – Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

To get an S-Rank in a Chapter you have to finish every battle with an S.
Fortunately the game offers the option to jump right into the battle and exit out of the Game once we got our Rank, so you dont have to watch everything again.
The special missions do count towards the Rank. Both difficuties; Normal and Hard.

The game is quite generous in giving you an S-Rank especially in the early stages of the game (Prologue to chapter 4). However, the last chapters are a bit more annoying.
For the Storyfights I would recommend just taking your time and finishing the battles with quite a lot of health remaining. Particularly Chapter 8.
If you are still struggling, to figure out when to fight and when to dodge. Dont rush things and take your time. Try to remember their attacks and find an opening. Also make use of the practice mode to get a good feeling for your combos.

Also: Pay attention to the QTE(Quick Time Events)

For the Special MIisions you should focus on finishing the battle quickly and with a lot of health (above 90%) remaining. That will grant you a ton of ranking points. All of them are quite easy to combo. And once they fall down wait for them to get up and just engange a combo again and again until he reaches his desperate mode. You should also make use of your partner skills as much as you can even if you dont enage the fight.

Also using your boost and/or finish with ultimate, getting a high combo-count, switching with your partner will grant you a good boost of points.
The “Ranking Information” will give you a good review on how you did.

Chapter 6 and 7 have no real battles except for the special missions. You still have to get both minigames on both difficulties on a S ranks in chapter 7.

Prologue Rank S

Get a S Rank in Prologue

Chapter 1 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 7

Chapter 8 Rank S

Get a S Rank in Chapter 8

All Chapters Rank S

Get a S Rank in all Chapters

Special Story Missions:

Special missions are those:

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

I’m On It

Clear a special mission for the first time

Special Agent

Earn S ranks on five special missions (difficulty: normal).


Smashing Gourds

Clear Gourd Breaker in Chapter 7: The Butterfly Mansion for the first time.

A Lotta Hot Air

Earn an S rank in the Gourd Breaker minigame on normal difficulty.

(Don’t) Spill the Tea

Clear Tea Splasher in Chapter 7: The Butterfly Mansion for the first time.

In Too Steep

Earn an S rank in the Tea Splasher minigame on normal difficulty.

Boss Battle Tipps for S Rank – Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%


  • Best here is to run around and strike once an opening presents itself. Dont rush here. Take your time.
  • Normal Mode:
  • Basic-light-attack-combo:
  • Attacks 4-5 Times with one Thread:
  • Try to run in circle and/or dodge it with your dash. Once he is almost done with his final attack dash in and engage your combo. Dont take too long otherwise he will dodge away or block.


  • Summons a giant Wall of Threads:
  • Run around the wall. Or run behind him if you are close to rui. Dont try to block it,


  • Areadamage around Rui where webs form in a half-circle
  • Stay out of the red area. Once the attack is over dash in and engange a combo


  • Summons 4 Threads out of the ground:
  • Just block or dodge them


  • Throws a single web.
  • Dodge or block

Desperate Mode:

  • Dont try to rush things here. Try to dodge and remain calm. Once the mode is over dash in and attack.


  • Summons 4 Threads out of the ground:
  • Just block or dodge them


  • This is where Rui jumps on a tree and attacks you with a bunch of 3-lined threads. Run around
  • and try to dodge. Stay calm here. Its quite simple to just dodge them if you dont overdo it.Once
  • the attack is done the desp. mode ends and you can engage your attacks


The first form is quite easy. The map however narrows down your movement and making dodging quite stressful.

First Form
Basic Combo:

  • Attacks with close range basic combos
  • He mostly does this when you are quite close to him
  • Block or dodge his attacks and then instantly attack and combo

Projectile Throw:

  • Throws 3 projectiles on you
  • Blockable and dodgeable

Final Form

  • There are a bunch of area attacks here. The best thing in this battle is to not fully combo him
  • Just do a small combo and then dash out before he can do any kind of Area Damage
  • If he is about to do the really big area damage. Run back to the edge out of the area and
  • dash in once the attack is done
  • The moment he opens up his body is where you can basically hit him with your full combo


Akuza is quite challenging. He dodges and blocks and gives you sometimes no real opening. Be aware of his movement and his attacks.
First battle:

  • The first battle is actually quite simple. All he does is a dash and sometimes run towards you to kick on the ground. Both easily dodgeable. This is where you have to dash-attack and combo everything you have. Rengoku is quite powerful. With a good 25-30 combo you can take away 1/3 of this health.
  • He occasionally engages a basic combo if you are to close to him.
  • He does not have a desp. mode in this fight

Second battle:

  • The Second battle is more challenging. Its important to mostly avoid being close to him or even engange without a plan. Run around, dodge and wait for an opening.
  • This battle is devided into 2 parts. The first one is the harder one. Try to memorize his attacks and only attack when you know you are safe to counter.
  • You should also spare your boosts for the second part of the battle (the part after he regenerated all his health). The boost give you a good amount of damage and he is easy to combo there because there is no desp mode in the second part of the battle


  • He jumps in the area and falls down resulting in a big area damage. This is mostly the first
  • thing he does. Run away and once he falls down engage a your attack.
  • Dont try to block it otherwise you wont get the opportunity for a counter attack
  • In his 2nd boost mode he jumps in the sky and drops a huge area attack. This one is
  • blockable and you can follow up with an attack combo
  • Kick on the ground:
  • He dashes towards you and kicks on the ground or does a upper kick.
  • Try to engage quickly
  • on that one. Dont try to block that eitherIf you are to slow he attacks you again.
  • If an attack is to risky just dont rush it.
  • Dashes and performs fist combo:
  • Similar to the kick on with the difference that he does more damage and its harder to dodge.
  • Dont try to block it. He will follow up with the jump attack
  • Once he punches out his final attack dash in and attack
  • Projectiles:
  • His projectiles are easy to dodge and block. Dont try to dash attack if you are quite far away.
  • He will jump in the air and throw a few more profectiles at ya
  • Projectiles on the ground:
  • This is where he jumps a few meters and throws projectiles on the ground.
  • Dodge them by stepping out of the way and once they are about to land
  • engage a dash-combo-attack


Rengoku acts here more as an VS-Mode CPU so its not that easy to describe his pattern. How I got an S is similar to the demon fights. The “only” safe opening I found is when he is done with his meele combo with his dragon skill at the end. Once you see his Combo getting to its end engage your own combo and inflict as much damage as possible.

His range attacks are blockable and his combo is acutally easy to parry. But if parrying is to risky just ignore it. You can also try to land a heavy attack or even dash attack if he runs towards you and start your combo there but this is not always a safe bet

In his second phase he is mostly the same with the little difference of splashing out 3 of those range attacks. When you block everything he mostly pushes you back to the edge and perfoms his 3rd area attack (which is the same as the second one). Once he is done with that you can dash towards him and combo him.

VS-Mode – Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

There Can Only Be One

Play VS Mode for the first time.
Play either online or offline. Doesn’t matter

A Taste for Competition

Win in VS Mode for the first time.
Win a match either online or offline. Doesn’t matter

Ultimate Finish

Get an Ultimate Art Finish in VS Mode.
Finish the enemy with your Ultimate. It consumes one skillcounter and can be blocked or dodged.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

Combo No. 25

Get a 25-hit combo in VS Mode.
Getting a 25-hit combo is easier than it sounds since ultimates do count towards the hit counter. Just engage a normal combo and hit the enemy with an ultimate.
Even without ultimate you can get 30+ with Inosuke.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Finish off your opponent with a 5-hit light attack combo in VS Mode.
A 5-hit light attack combo can only be done in boost or surge mode. Once in boost just hit the enemy with basic attacks until a small animation triggers. You have to finish the enemy with this combo to get the achievement.

Perfect Record

Win in VS Mode without losing a single round.
The easiest way to get the achievement is to set the total round count from default 3 to 1 in the vs-mode settings. Win a match just with this one round and you got the achievement.

On Second Thought…

Perform an Emergency Escape in VS Mode.
Your partner can save you with during a comby by your enemy. Once the enemy got you in his/her combo just press your supportskill and your parther will save you. This will consume all of your support points.

Practice Makes Perfect

Play Practice mode.
Once you have entered a “battle” in practice mode you will get this achievement.

One of a Kind

Customize your Slayer ID.
Your Slayer ID can be customized under “VS-Mode -> Slayer ID -> Profile or Quote. Just pick whatever and the achievement will pop


Training-Mode is a mode where you choose an Instructor (For example Nezuko) and you battle her while doing small challenges like (do a 10-combo).
You cant jump to rank 10 from the get go which means that you have to clear 10 different characters up to rank 10. For the achievements you dont have to actually do the challenges since you clear the rank even if you dont do one of them. You still have to win though.

A Fast Learner

Clear a Rank 1 challenge in Training.

The Student Becomes The Master

Clear a Rank 10 challenge in Training.

Always Be Prepared

Clear 10 characters’ Rank 10 challenges in Training.


You will get these just by getting every chapter on S anyway. So no further words needed:

Déjà Vu

View a memory fragment.


View 25 memory fragments.

Never Forget

View 50 memory fragments.


Collect 50 music tracks.

No Panel Unturned

Unlock every panel of a single reward board.

You get this achievement by simply getting any chapter to Rank S. To make it pop go to “Rewards” in the main menu. It will pop once every panel in that particular Chapter is done. You can also spend Kimetsu Points to open a panel.

You got every Achievement in Demon Slayer!

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

Here is also the image of the thumbnail.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Achievements Guide 100%

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