Disco Elysium – Arrest Klaasje

Talk to Klaasje

After talking to Titus the first time and getting information of the night of the murder, you’ll be able to talk to Klaasje. Her hotel room is two down from yours. Prior to the revelation of what happened to Klaasje that night, Klaasje’s room will be locked. Afterward, you can knock on the door and she’ll invite you in.

Klaasje stands on the roof of the hotel. Head upstairs to the bedroom, then exit out by interacting with the doormat. Klaasje stands against the railing while smoking, and you can talk to her about the murder. Note that she’ll be less forthcoming if you still have the body hanging, so consider getting the body down and shipped to Processing before this interview.

The conversation with Klaasje will be full of revelations about the night of the murder. Finding some of them will require the body being down, the tape you get from Titus being played, and some successful checks. Some of those revelations will directly lead you to confront Titus about some of the contradictions, which in turn leads to Part 2 of Disco Elysium.

On her own, Klaasje provides a lot of information but will not forward progress toward finding the main suspect. She’s worth talking to, and it’s worth running through all her dialogue categories. However, when prompted to talk to Titus, you should do so to continue the main investigation plot.

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