Earth Defense Force 5 – Borderless Window How to Get?

Borderless Window How to Get?


Make sure you have these installed, they’re pretty common so you likely already do.

DirectX End-User Runtime

Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (install both x86 and x64):



If you’re on Windows 7 you’ll also need these two:



Step 1: Downloading Special K

To get started, download Special K here:

This is a direct link to their latest stable release archive, feel free to visit their GitHub yourself if you don’t trust the link.

Step 2: Extraction

Extract the archive to your EDF 5 folder. It’ll look like this:

  • “SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5”

Step 3: Renaming

Rename “SpecialK64.dll” and “SpecialK64.pdb” to “d3d11.dll” and “d3d11.pdb”

Step 4: In-Game settings

Launch the game, you should see an overlay for Special K. If not, you’ve already done something wrong.

Change your in-game EDF 5 settings to Windowed instead of Fullscreen if you haven’t already. That Letter Box setting doesn’t appear to do anything for me so I left it off.

Step 4: Special K settings

Press CTRL+Shift+Backspace. This will bring up Special K’s overlay. Change all of your settings to the same as mine in these screenshots:

Under “Display” enable Force Override:

Under “Window Management” enable Borderless, Fullscreen (Borderless Upscale), and Prevent Always-On-Top:

Personal preference, disable all the Steam enhancements like fancier achievement notifications:

Step 5: Wrap Up

That’s it. You’re all done! Restart the game and it should be working perfectly. No more need to fiddle with bars re-appearing or anything un-centering.

If you’d like, you can also delete these files from your EDF 5 folder, they aren’t being used:

  • SpecialK32.pdb
  • SpecialK32.dll
  • ReadMe folder

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