Emergency Response Liberty County How to Rob Bank

Welcome to our Emergency Response Liberty County How to Rob Bank guide. Emergency Response Liberty County is a game on Roblox where players can experience what it’s like to work in different emergency services. You can play as a civilian, criminal, or even a cop if you wish.

Emergency Response Liberty County How to Rob Bank

Emergency Response Liberty County How to Rob Bank
Emergency Response Liberty County How to Rob Bank

One of the many things you can do as a civilian in this game is plan heists to make money. A specific type of robbery you can participate in is called a bank robbery. These heists allow you to rob a bank and steal all the gold from its vault.But how exactly is it like robbing a bank in Emergency Liberty County?

Bank Heist

The first thing is to meet the requirements to rob any Bank:

  • You must be in a Mafia
  • You must have a lockpick or a weapon

Once you meet the requirements there are different ways to rob a bank, depending on whether you want to destroy everything or be stealthy, and depending on the chapter.

Chapter 1A – The Loud Way

For this robbery you will need to enter shooting (with a firearm) at the meeting room window or the back door. From there, make your way by force, although you should know that the alarms will go off and you will have to deal with the forces of the law

Chapter 1B – The Stealthy Way

Although the previous method is fun, this one is more recommended. You need a lockpick to break into the back door or office door. Once opened you will have 60 seconds to do your work before the alarms go off

Chapter 2 – Passcode

The vault room requires a passcode, and it is a 4-digit code found somewhere (random) inside the bank. So just find the code

Chapter 3 – Vault Infiltration

You will be below (underground) and you must be near the vault door and interact with it. Stay away from the bombs as you can die, and once they explode grab as much as you can

Chapter 4 – Loot

In this case the vault will have the best loot of all, but it will also be much more dangerous. There is lethal gas and also lasers. And as if that were not enough, you will have to survive for 10 minutes after the robbery. Well you won’t be able to die, quit the game, change teams, or get arrested. It’s hard, but the reward is worth it

ATM Robbery – Emergency Response Liberty County How to Rob Bank

These are the steps for an ATM Robbery:

  1. Purchase an RFID Disruptor from the Tool Store for $415.
  2. Interact with any ATM (without holding the disruptor), and click the disruptor
  3. match the characters with the ones lined up in the middle of the screen to encrypt the code (you have two chances)

House Robbery

These are the steps for a House Robbery:

  1. Find any house that is not owned by a player
  2. You must have their Lockpick equipped in their inventory and approach the front door
  3. Interact with the door
  4. Click to stop 6 pins on the line in the center

Jewelry Store Robbery

These are the steps for a Jewelry Store Robbery:

  1. Buy the Drill ($1,000 in the Tool Store)
  2. Equip the Drill in the inventory, approach one of the cases in the store, and click the interaction key
  3. Complete the minigame

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