Enshrouded Ancient Spire

Enshrouded: All Ancient Spire Locations on the Map

Easily locate Enshrouded with our guide pinpointing the locations of 5 Ancient Spires and offering important fast travel tips.

In Enshrouded, fast travel points are named Ancient Spire. In this guide, we marked the locations of 5 ancient spires in the game on a single map. In this way, you can easily reach Ancient Spires near you. We also shared with you a few important tips about fast travel.

Enshrouded Fast Travel Locations

Big, hidden are­as are pretty and exciting, but moving through the­m quickly can be tough. This piece of writing is your top guide­ to speed travel in the­ world using the old Towers, opening up fast route­s to main spots.

Ancient Spire Map

Enshrouded Ancient Spire Locations on the Map
Enshrouded Spire Locations

All Ancient Spire Locations

The map boasts five strategically placed Ancient Spires, each offering a convenient teleport point once activated. Let’s delve into their specific positions:

  • Springlands Spire: The closest companion on your journey, this spire sits north of your starting point, just beyond the Braelyn Bridge. A perfect option for early exploration.
  • Low Meadows Spire: Head east from Braelyn Bridge, past the Southern Caravan Camp. Traverse the Shroud and you’ll find this spire beckoning in the south, ideal for southern expeditions.
  • Revelwood Spire: Nestled in the northwest corner, east of Diadwyn and the Carpentry Camp, this spire grants quick access to the lush forests and hidden secrets of the north.
  • Nomad Highlands Spire: Venture far northeast, east of the Northern Caravan Camp, to discover this spire amidst the vast plains. It’s the gateway to the remote corners of the northeast.
  • Kindlewastes Spire: This island spire, shrouded in mystery and danger, lies far east. Be warned: unlocking it requires a significant power level, so prepare well before embarking on this perilous journey.

Tips for Fast Travel

  • Prioritize Spire Activation: Unlocking each spire as soon as possible is crucial for efficient exploration. Remember, they serve as your fast-travel network across the vast map.
  • Strategize Spire Locations: Consider your current objective and choose the spire closest to your destination. This saves valuable time and resources.
  • Beware the Kindlewastes: The eastern spire presents a formidable challenge. Approach it only when you’re well-equipped and confident in your abilities.

By mastering the Spire network, you’ll conquer the vastness of Enshrouded with ease, unlocking its hidden treasures and completing quests with newfound efficiency. So, embark on your journey, activate the Spires, and let them guide you to adventure!

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