Enshrouded: How to Use Flintstone

A detailed guide to how to get and use flintstone in the game.

At Enshrouded, each material has a different usage area. Flintstone is one of them and is a useful resource that you can obtain early. Here’s how to get Flint and where to use it.

Flintstone Use in Enshrouded

This guide will show you how to get and use flintstone in the game.

How to get Flintstone

In the world of Enshrouded, acquiring Flintstone is a fundamental aspect of progression, especially in the early stages where it is indispensable for crafting essentials like Flint Arrows. Fortunately, Flintstone is abundant and can be found throughout the expansive landscape of Embervale.

Identifying Flintstone is relatively straightforward; it appears in clusters of small and large nodes resembling crystals, often protruding from rocky formations such as cliffs and hills. For newcomers to the game, there are two notable Flintstone deposits near the starting base that merit attention.

One deposit lies north of the Cinder Vault, easily discernible amidst the landscape. The other deposit can be located northeast of Longkeep and northwest of the first Flame Altar, serving as reliable sources of Flintstone. Additionally, a bench after crossing the Braelyn Bridge yields this resource. Importantly, Flintstone deposits respawn over time, allowing players to revisit these locations for further collection.

Beyond these initial areas, Flintstone can also be found east of Springlands Ancient Spire, primarily along the western wall of the ravine in this vicinity.

To extract Flintstone in Enshrouded, a pickaxe is essential. Fortunately, the basic level one pickaxe provided at the game’s outset is sufficient for this task.

How to use Flintstone

Once collected, Flintstone serves as a vital component in numerous crafting recipes. It is utilized in crafting Rough Flintstone blocks, Stone Shingle Roof Blocks, and notably, Flintstone Arrows.

However, to craft Flintstone Arrows, unlocking the Hunter profession is prerequisite. This entails visiting her vault situated on the Eastern side of Springsland. Similar to other NPCs, the Hunter can be relocated to your base through the use of a Summoning Staff. Once accomplished, players gain the ability to craft Flintstone Arrows, further enhancing their arsenal for survival.

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