Fall Guys – How to Own at See Saw by Abusing The Checkpoint Placement

Fall Guys How to Own at See Saw by Abusing The Checkpoint Placement

How it works is pretty simple. The activation range for the checkpoints is so big that you activate it before you actually enter the platform. As far as i can tell this works on all checkpoint so if you arent fast enough just bonk the ledge on the first left platform. Depending on where you hit it you can sometimes even spawn at the front of it.

If you somewhere on the first 3 platforms its still possible to get top 20% with some other tricks.

  • Learn which see saws tilt until you fall off if youre standing on it. some do some dont
  • If you dive shortly before you land on the see saw you wont slip that means you can, without hesitation, jump on every see saw that doesnt tilt until you fall off no matter how far they are tilted.
  • Let others work for you. If you are stuck on a platform with other players position yourself in a way that you can be the first one to get onto the next see saw and let them tilt it. As long as you cant progress they cant and being infront of them ensures that you are gonna qualify before them.
  • You can stand on the yellow railing that are on the sides of the platform. This saves only a little bit of time but if can get it consistently its worth it. Don’t walk the railing to the end tho as the flagpole sometimes makes you trip.
  • If you jump on a see saw thats you wouldnt slide down of if you land on it dive shortly After you land for some reason this sometimes makes your dive further up to ca. Twice the lengh.

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