Fall Guys Points System

This guide is to show the different point values you can achieve based on placement and map type. You can learn everything about Fall Guys Points System.

Fall Guys Mods

The majority of gameplay in the sport Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout comes from becoming a member of a in shape to play a sequence of mini-video games. Besides the very last rounds, which might be editions of the principle classes constructed for a smaller institution of gamers, mini-video games are classified into 4 essential classes: races, survival, hunting, and logic. Most mini-video games characteristic barriers that often rotate perpendicular to the ground, together with a rotating platform or a completely positioned huge rotating hammer. Platforms might also additionally modify the site of the participant with the aid of using both following gaming physics or with the aid of using collapsing. Certain mini-video games encompass factors of teamwork.

Race-primarily based totally mini-video games contain gamers charging in the direction of the end line. Once a precise range of gamers byskip the end line, all ultimate gamers are removed. Throughout the impediment route, severa everlasting barriers stand withinside the way, slowing the development of achieving the end line. Large transferring barriers have a tendency to comply with towards the course of the end line, briefly preventing gamers who collide towards them. Interactable structures frequently offer an additional project to navigating alongside the impediment route. Checkpoints exist throughout the impediment route to offer gamers with some other risk to retain the impediment route.

In survival-primarily based totally mini-video games, gamers should live alive for so long as viable till precise situations are met. Players come to be robotically removed in the event that they fall off the principle route or fall into red slime. Obstacles often circulate round or extrade as time passes with the aid of using. Players circulate round or bounce to keep away from falling out of the gambling field. IGN describes the “Roll Out” mini-sport as “the traditional log rolling survival sport” in which surviving long-time period on a constantly rolling impediment route is necessary, at the same time as they describe the mini-sport “Block Party” as a timed impediment route in which gamers should escape “sure doom”.

During group matches, every institution of gamers are lightly disbursed into identical corporations and should paintings collectively to paintings in the direction of a not unusualplace goal. Some of them are editions of present mini-video games, together with “Team Tail Tag”, wherein the removed group is the group with the fewest numbers of tails with the aid of using the stop of the time limit. Kotaku notes how the mixture of the “irritating seize controls” and the dependence of teammates of variable behaviour make it hard to improve thru the “Team Tail Tag” mini-sport.

Once a sure range of gamers remain, the very last spherical is played. Each very last spherical mini-sport capabilities a completely unique sport layout the use of present factors of pre-present mini-video games. The winner of the in shape is the ultimate participant standing.

Fall Guys Point System Explained

After many rounds recorded I have figured out the point values the game uses to determine your score at the end. The game bases your score on position finished, map type, and round number. A few things I’ve noticed is that the final round can be as low as round 3, and I’ve had games last 6 rounds.

The only thing I am missing from my data is a Gold Hunt score and the 6th round point value. I will update the guide if I find any more info.

The rating given to you on the stop of the sport in Fall Guys is determined with the aid of using 3 important elements:

  • The function you completed in a spherical
  • The kind of map you played
  • The spherical number

These 3 elements are used to present you a few factors for every match, which can be then brought up to present you your very last rating on the stop of the sport.

Do notice that a few video games last as long as 6 rounds, whilst there’s a danger for a few video games to even stop at spherical 2. This all relies upon at the participant performance.

Fall Guys Round Number

Round 1

  • Starting the first round gets you 15 points whether you win or lose. The first round is always a race.

Round 2

  • You don’t get any points for making it to this level.

Round 3

  • You get 10 points for making it to this level.

Round 4

  • You get 10 points for making it to this level.

Round 5

  • You get 15 points for making it to this level. This is not always the final level.

Fall Guys Map Type

Fall Guys Race Points

  • Gold – 63 points (First Place)
  • Silver – 45 points (Top 20%)
  • Bronze – 28 points (Top 50%)
  • Pink – 10 points (Below 50% but not eliminated)

Fall Guys Team Points (teams can tie)

  • Hoarders – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
  • Fall Ball – How many goals scored and how big of a gap between each team in goals
  • Egg Scramble – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
  • Team Tail Tag – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
  • Jinxed – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
  • Hoopsie Daisy – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll – (Medals seem to vary not just by position finished)
  • Gold – 45 points
  • Silver – 45 points
  • Bronze – 28 points

Fall Guys Survive Points (you win, or you don’t)

  • Gold – 28 points

Fall Guys Logic Points (Perfect Match) (you win, or you don’t)

  • Gold – 28

Fall Guys Hunt Points (Tail Tag)

  • Gold – N/A
  • Silver – 45 points
  • Bronze – 28 points


If you win the final you get 203 points no matter if it’s fall mountain, hex-a-gone, or royal fumble. (Will update on Jump Club)

Fall Guys Point System
Fall Guys Point System


Example Fall Guys Point System:

  • Round 1: Race, Silver (15pts + 45pts) = 60pts
  • Round 2: Logic, Gold (28pts)
  • Round 3: Survive, Gold (10pts + 28pts) = 38pts
  • Round 4: Race, Silver (10pts + 45pts) = 55pts
  • Round 5 (Final): Failed (15pts)

Total: 60+28+38+60+15 = 196pts

Fall Guys Point System
Fall Guys Point System

1 thought on “Fall Guys Points System”

  1. I confirm you with your numbers and the data I collected on several runs :
    Tail Tag Gold reward gives 63 pts (I don’t know if it depends on how long you keep your tail or not though. I got Gold when I never lost my tail. I’d need more runs to confirm) and reaching Round 6 gives you 20 pts. Thanks to you I’ve been able to figure it out and it made sense with the points I noted on my runs.

    For Fall Ball – I think there is no link with the reward and the gap between each team in goals. You get the reward according to the number of goals you scored, and you have to win to get it, of course. So far, I got:

    10 goals and more = Gold
    5-9 Goals = Silver
    3-4 Goals = Bronze
    1-2 Goals = Pink

    It’d be nice if somebody else could confirm as well 😉

    As for Rock’N’Roll, I still don’t know either what makes you earn Gold or Silver. I finished 2nd and got Gold once, and I got Silver when I finished first as well. Still a mystery.

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