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Far Cry 6 Amigos Guapo Unlock

Welcome to our Far Cry 6 Amigos Guapo Unlock guide. This guide details everything you need to know about unlocking Guapo, the assault crocodile that acts as the first Amigo you can get in the game.

Far Cry 6 Amigos Guapo Unlock

How to Unlock Guapo the Crocodile

Unlocking Guapo is done as part of the third Operation Mission in the game: Juan of a Kind. As such, he’ll be the first Amigo players will attain, and every player will get him automatically.

Follow the link below to learn how to complete Juan of a Kind and unlock Guapo:

  • Juan Of A Kind

Everything you Need to Know About Guapo

Amigos Guapo Unlock
Amigos Guapo Unlock

Guapo is the very first Amigo you get in the game, and acquiring him is automatic for an early story Mission, thus every player will have him. Here’s what you need to know about him:

  • Guapo is a Combat Amigo, meaning he’ll rush towards enemies and maul them to death automatically.
  • Because of this, he’s a poor choice for stealth tactics: even having him around can compromise you. You can press Right on the D-Pad to have him wait at a specific spot, or you can go to the Amigo section of the Pause menu and Dismiss him altogether (don’t worry, you can call him back).
  • Guapo’s main ability is passively recovering health after a fight. He can also self-revive after a short time: every other Amigo must be revived by the player manually.

Guapo can be upgraded with three Abilities after reaching certain milestones:

  • Body Regulation – Guapo can regenerate health during combat. Unlocked after Guapo heals himself 5 times.
  • Cornered Beast – Guapo is more resistant to damage when below 50% health. Unlocked after regeneration 3,000 health.
  • Reptile Metabolism – Guapo’s self-revive now restores 90% of his health. Unlocked after Guapo kills 50 targets.

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