Apex Legends

Apex Legends – Csom Miles Async Error FIX

Apex Legends Csom Miles Async Error FIX How to fix the “CSOM_MilesAsync_openOrFindFile(“audio\ship\general_japanese.mstr”) failed to open files; try resyncing” or any other language the issue appears in. How to FIX “CSOM_MilesAsync_openOrFindFile” issue Change the game to Japanese (or your preferred language) in its settings. After the download is finished go to “Steam\steamapps\common\Apex Legends\audio\ship” copy BOTH “general_japanese.mstr” …

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Apex Legends Best Guns

Apex Legends Best Weapons Apex Legends packs a generous selection of weapons, spread across a variety of different categories that you’ll be well familiar with from both the core FPS genre, and the well-established roster of battle royale games that have cropped up over the last 12 months. SMGs, sniper rifles and shotguns are all …

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Apex Legends Characters Guide

Apex Legends Characters and Abilities There are a total of eight heroes in Apex Legends, each equipped with their own unique abilities and gear. Bloodhound “I am the hunter the Gods have sent.” Technological Tracker Real Name: Unknown Age: Unknown Home World: Unknown Bloodhound is known across the Outlands as one of the greatest game hunters …

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