Chex Quest HD

Chex Quest HD – Set Up and Play

Set Up and Play OG (and Brutal) Files You’ll Need Chex Quest 3 (includes every episode) – GZDoom – Zandronum (works better on lower end machines) – (Optional) Brutal DOOM v21 – (Optional but required with Brutal DOOM) Chex Quest patch – (Optional but required to extract Brutal DOOM) 7zip – How …

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Chex Quest HD – Character Unlocks

Character Unlocks Just type these codes in the apposite box of the main menu and you’re good to go. Fred Chexter D2af3W Wheatney Chexworth D3bg4E Dr. O’Ryen D4cj6R Shane ‘The Dread’ McBread D7Gy2u NACL96 D5eK9T P.R.E.T.Z.L D6ft1S Credits Consider supporting Chex Mix by buying their products, I think they deserve it.