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Cube World – Legendary Items

Easy Legendary Items Easy Legendaries 1. Complete a quest next to a shrine of life. 2. Go to your map and teleport to a different shrine of life. 3. Teleport back to the shrine of life next to the quest. 4. Walk back up to quest npc. 5. Profit.

Cube World – Private Server Create

Create Cube World Private Server Hosting a Server (Rental Service Providers) You can alternatively host a server at a Game Server Hosting Provider. Create an Instant Cube World Server (w/ 10% coupon “CUBEWORLD”) https://survivalservers.com/?trckaff=78533&trckit=STEAMGUIDE Server Requirements Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2008, Server 2012 & 64-Bit Quad Core processor (requires up …

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Cube World – Alpha Changes

Alpha Changes Important Changes From Alpha (For Old Players) Leveling System In Alpha, you leveled up by killing mobs and collecting XP. Now, in Beta, you no longer acquire XP from killing mobs. You can level up by collecting artifacts located in each region. Region-Bound Items In Beta, some important …

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