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Hades – Unlock Hidden Aspects

A guide aiming to help new players trigger the hades hidden aspect unlock dialogues faster. Hades Unlock Hidden Aspects It’s important to note that there is no way to guarantee they will trigger immediately after meeting the requirements, hence the “faster” in the guide’s description. Other plotlines or random dialogues …

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Hades – God Mode

Hades God Mode God Mode If you’re still having issues with difficulty there’s also God Mode. This is a special mode to help make the game easier for those having issues with the base difficulty. This grants a 20% damage reduction plus 2% per failed escape attempt. You can turn …

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Hades – Beginner Tips

Hades Beginner Tips Hades is an action hack and slash rougelike. Expect to die, like, a lot. The average player will likely take ~25-30 so runs before they finish their first clear. Actual runs are pretty short in Hades. Full clears can take anywhere from ~20-50 mins depending on your …

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Hades – Keepsakes Guide

Hades Keepsakes Guide Keepsakes are items that you can equip for buffs during an escape attempt. You acquire them by gifting characters with Nectar. When given their first Nectar, the character will reward you with their Keepsake. Hades is the exception; his keepsake does not come until you complete the …

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Hades – Early Access Ending

Hades Early Access Ending Just a bunch of screenshots of (some?) of the ending screens you’d see before the game launched fully. May include spoilers, if you’ve not completed a run yet. If you have one that I don’t, please let me know!

Hades – Build Guide

Hades Build Guide Beginners What should Build? This is just a quick and easy build guide to show what’s tried and true for the base forms of each weapon (without any upgrades). It’s only intended as a starting point. I encourage you to experiment with anything you come across that …

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