Hitman 2

Hitman 2 – Item Unlock List

This is a basic list of what item unlocks are available from which locations in the game. Also my recommendations for which items to focus on first that will give you more versatility quickly. [su_note]Important or interesting items are in bold.[/su_note] Hitman 2 Mastery and Challenge Unlocks Prologue (Legacy Pack) Mastery Unlocks None Challenge Unlocks …

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Hitman 2 – Elusive Targets

Elusive Target Schedule Target 1 : The Undying Location: Miami Available: November 20, 2018 until December 4, 2018 Target 2 : The Revolutionary Location: Santa Fortuna Available: December 21, 2018 until December 31, 2018 Escalation Missions ICA facility (Legacy) The Einarsson Inception The Snorrason Ascension Paris (Legacy) The Videl Cataclysm The Corky Commotion Sapienza (Legacy) The …

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Hitman 2 – FPS Boost

Hitman 2 FPS Boost and Best Performance In this case 7 FPS, it maybe not much for most people but for some it could be what they needed to get playable framerates or push their FPS to 60+ High FPS and running the game on high settings!   Nvidia Control Panel Settings For FPS Disable …

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