Judgment – Side Cases List

Side Cases List Kamurocho Streets The Mad Bomber Strikes Amidst a Dream The Mad Bomber Strikes Again Etrapment The Black Calamity Gone With the Gust Return of the Mad Bomber Yagami Detective Agency There’s a Panty Thief on the Loose!/The Twisted Trio: Panty Professor There’s a Groper on the Loose!/The Twisted Groper My Subordinate is …

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Judgment – Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide The Game Has a Slow Start and Many Options Come With Time A lot of side activities are added gradually. New mini-games, friends, additional investigations – they are all added systematically with the next chapters of the campaign. The majority of the options are unlocked only near the end of the game. However, …

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Judgment – Skills Guide

Skills Guide Ability Almost every skill in the Ability tab is useful. Three of them are especially important – Boost Health, Boost Attack and Boost Speed Combo. These skills are crucial in fights and give huge passive bonuses to our hero. Boost Ex Gauge and Balance of The Tiger are also useful – they increase …

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