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Muck Complete Guide %100

A Muck complete guide %100 on everything there is in the game. Items, crafting, powerups, everything! (Excluding Achievements) In this guide can find all knowledge of what items do, how to craft them, where to find stuff, what do they offer,their descriptions, powerups and tactics.  ith Images and Gifs!    …

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Muck – Fighting Techniques

Muck Fighting Techniques Welcome to our Muck Fighting Techniques Guide! This guide will show you the basics to fighting mobs and what weapon fits you best, as well as what weapons to use against certain enemies. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released. Weapons – Muck …

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Muck – Woodman Trades

Muck Woodman Trades Welcome to our Muck Woodman Trades Guide ! This guide will explain everything you need to know about the new woodman NPC traders! We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released. Muck Woodman Trades Statistics NPC Health Base Health: 60 Weaknesses None Loot Table …

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Muck Crafting Recipes

Muck Crafting Recipes Welcome to our Muck Crafting Recipes Guide! Workbench, Anvil, Fletching Table, Smelting, Cauldron, and likewise Heater recipes & ingredients. We’ll keep you updated with additional information once published. WorkStations – Muck Crafting Recipes These are the Workstations Recipes: Anvil: x5 Iron Bar & x15 Rock Cauldron: x0 …

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Muck Food Recipes

Muck Food Recipes Welcome to our Muck Food Recipes Guide! All the recipes, their healthy effects, the ingredients areas, and other recipes that you will certainly also require. We’ll keep you updated with additional information once published. Muck Food Recipes Full List These are all the available Cauldron food dishes …

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Muck – Drop Rates

Muck Drop Rates Welcome to our Muck Drop Rates guide! Drop rates for all mobs. All statistics are as they are stored in the game before any modifiers like the day you are in or any bonus like a piggy bank. Drop Table Passive Mobs Standard Mobs Bosses https://www.naguide.com/game/newsgui/

Muck – Rarest Seeds

Muck Rarest Seeds Welcome to our Muck Rarest Seeds guide! This guide will show off some of mucks rare seeds! Calculating The Map’s Total Area – Muck Rarest Seeds In general, most 3D games use something called coordinates (XYZ values) that tell the game where your player is located on …

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Muck – How to Find Billy

Muck How to Find Billy Welcome to our Muck How to Find Billy guide. There are some hidden Achievements in Muck. If you take a look at the Achievement page and scroll through it, you will find one or two hidden Achievements. You want to get the Secret Achievement in …

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Muck – Update 2 Guide

Muck Update 2 Guide Welcome to our Muck Update 2 Guide ! A guide explaining all the new things brought to Muck in Update 2! We have prepared all details for you. We will update it again, follow us! Muck Update 2 Guide – New Items New Recipes Gronks Sword …

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