GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath – Hidden Achievements

Hidden Achievements

Ful Ir

  • Blast like a fireball
  • Kill 15 monsters with one gem bomb.

I Never Asked For This

  • All my aug points spent
  • Complete a level with 0 unspent skill points (i.e. all points spent).

Green Eyed Ninja

  • Entering the wilderness
  • Enter field N1, U1, or R5 on Journey mode.

Oh Ven

  • Spread the poison
  • Have 90 monsters on the battlefield poisoned at once.


  • And it’s bloody too
  • Win a battle with only trap kills (not poison).

Splash Swim Splash

  • Full of oxygen
  • Fill your inventory with blue gems (any grade).

Hazardous Materials

  • Put your HEV on first
  • Reach at least 1000 poison kills in a single battle.

Going Deviant

  • Rook to a9
  • In field H1J, build a tower where the a9 tile would be on the chessboard (see below).

Hope Has Fallen

  • Dismantled bunkhouses
  • In field T4, destroy all 8 dwellings.

We Just Wanna Be Free

  • More than blue triangles
  • In field K3 endurance, break open all 3 sealed g2 blue gems.

Uraj and Khalis

  • Activate the lanterns
  • In field J2T, free both sealed gems (call waves early for mana) and place them in the lanterns next to the shrine (see screenshot below).


  • Break your frozen time gem bombing limits
  • Kill at least 99 monsters with gem bombs while the game is paused (in one pause).

Deckard Would Be Proud

  • All I could get for a prismatic amulet
  • Have a g12 gem of each color in your inventory.

Slime Block

  • Nine slimeballs is all it takes
  • Fill your inventory with 9 g12 green gems.
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