GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath – R2 Trial Tips

R2 Trial Tips

Always maintain 3 gems active, push for G4 with 2 G2s to support bc of the swarms. The key was to actually block off the north pass and “build _diagonally_”. Since the cells are rectangular, building diagonally makes the path quite longer. The last tower should just about cover both the whole wall and the corner.

Just finished this journey:

  • Setup: mana gain on kill and trap skills about equally, add talisman parts with extra mana on start
  • Start: Wall of the south lane. Put level 1 poison gems into the 3 starter traps, and add another one on the top side
  • Then: Use towers in the middle to slow down enemies. Upgrade traps to level 2.
    Poison inflicts a lot of damage but takes a long time to kill them. Mazing helps.


Got it after several tries:

  • Only used blood + armor gems
  • It started with 3 L2 dual towers in the middle and some walls. Walled off the south lane.
  • Gradually upgraded to 3 L3 dual gems and an L2 dual gem.
  • In the end, there were too many enemies, so I put half my gems into my mana pool for banishments, and created one L4 dual gem.

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