GoldenEye 007 The Dam Walkthrough

You’ve played GoldenEye 007 and by this point I’m sure you’ve realized that this game is no joke. Once you’re immersed in Secret Agent or Agent 007 mode, you’ll have to deal with the objectives and enemies. Rare made sure this shooter wasn’t easy. Sometimes the solution is far from obvious, and we could all use some advice. Below are simple walkthroughs for each stage and mission in GoldenEye with emphasis. on the lid

Destinations to reach along the way. Your goals change with your difficulty level. So remember that if you just play Agent, you don’t have to do all those silly tasks M was talking about. There are 9 separate missions, most of which have several distinct phases.

GoldenEye DAM Walkthrough

This mountainous, remote region of Russia, according to MI6 intelligence, holds a top-secret weapons facility for the Soviet Union. Reports claim that a high-ranking Russian general named Arkady Ourumov has been in charge in the development of lethal chemical weapons. MI6 agents 007 and 006 have been tasked with inflitrating this facility, destroying the weapons production, and eliminating General Ourumov. 006 will find his way on from the north, coming up from underground, while 007 will take the long way in from the surface of the dam, minimizing security in the area. To the northwest there is a plane runway used to import and export materials and personnel. Use the local biplane in your escape.

Mission Objectives:

  • Neutralize All Alarms (Secret Agent)
  • Install Covert Modem (00 Agent)
  • Intercept Backup Data (00 Agent)
  • Bungee Jump from the Platform (Agent)

M Briefing

The area around the dam is well defended against full scale military attack but a lone agent stands a much better chance. The easiest way to gain entrance to the weapons factory will be to get down the face of the dam.
Q had an idea about that.

Q Branch

Information concerning shipping and contacts is stored on a computer system in a secret ops room within the dam. With this covert modem connected to their satellite link we can intercept the data when a backup is carried out.
As for getting down the dam, use the bungee rope. At the bottom of the jump, use the piton gun. Simple.


Hardly a lover’s leap, James. Be careful though, I hate to think of you falling for anyone else.

First Phase DAM Maps

These declassified maps from MI6 give a satellite view of the Dam our intelligence has also taken great care to provide internal blueprints for any area that our cameras haven’t been able to peer inside of, giving you complete visibility of every location in your mission. Crucial provisions like Body Armor and hidden Weapons have also been detailed inside the dossier, along with other points of interest during the assignment.

You may use these maps before the mission starts to familiarize yourself with the region, and refer to them throughout as you need them. Good luck, 007!

Byelomorye DAM, ARKANGELSK, USSR / 9 Years Ago!

From the very beginning, walk left and take out the guard with your pistol. Grab his rifle, and use it against the three guards around the tower. Two soldiers from the tunnel will spot you. You can easily snipe them from a distance using the sniper rifle at the top of the tower. Make your way through the tunnel, following the green truck.

In the next area, full of concrete and boxes, there will be five soldiers armed and ready. You can snipe them or take them head on. Watch for the body armor nearby. The truck will need your assistance going through the security gates, so hit the switches to let it through. Moving forward, you will find some more security. Take them out quickly before they set the alarm. Destroy the red bell that marks the alarm system, as well.

Around the back of the building, you’ll spot a small screen that connects to a radar dish. Here, you must select the covert modem from your items menu, aim at the screen, and fire. Bond will throw the modem (and hopefully) attach it to the monitor. Now MI6 can intercept all outgoing signals from this station, but this objective is not over yet.
Break open the gate and walk out onto the top of the dam. Along this long path, there will be three guard towers, and one guard posted at each. Use the ammo left in the sniper rifle to take out the guards. Inside each tower is another red alarm button. Destroy each one of those in each tower to finish that objective. Your job is not done yet, however. From any tower, take the stairway downward to the lower levels.

Here you will find a long tunnel running parallel to the surface walkway. There will be soldiers posted around every corner, so be very careful to avoid an ambush. At the very end of the underground tunnel, there will be a small room filled with guards. Let them come to you one at a time and soon enough the room will be clear. Check the corner of the room. Go up to the tall computer mainframes and press the action button. A small timer will appear, counting down to zero. As soon as it does, the data has transferred from the mainframe to the communications center, to the radar dish, and thanks to your covert modem, straight to MI6 headquarters.

The only objective now is the infiltrate the Facility. Up on the top of the Dam, look out toward the mountains away from the reservoir. In the middle of the dam, find the metal ledge that opens up. All that you have to do is walk past it and fall out. The understanding is that 007 has a built-in bungee system. This is never seen, but it makes complete sense. Doesn’t it?

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