Grounded – Icons Full Map

Icons Full Map

Put collectively the map to region a few beneficial icons to locate matters easier, is probably beneficial for others, be aware it’s now no longer finished, allow me realize what you think.

Colored Circles:

  • Purple: Wolf Spider
  • Yellow: Orb Weaver Spider
  • Green: Stink Bugs
  • Orange: Bombadier Beetle
  • White: Lacewing Larvae
  • Red: Mites
  • Brown: Grubs
  • Pink: Lady Bugs (viable sightings)
  • Blue: Infected Area (Mites + Weevils)
  • Light Blue: Starting location

Icons include:

  • Bee Armor set & Larva Blade places
  • Thistle Plant & Mushroom places
  • Three Marker places shown (darkish inexperienced wing icons)

Water: Gnats are attracted close to huge regions of water & are interested in the panorama lights

Grounded Icons Full Map
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