Hi-Fi Rush Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Hi-Fi Rush Walkthrough Guide. This guide will show you the first stage of the Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush Walkthrough Guide

This guide will show you the first stage of the Hi-Fi Rush. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hi-Fi Rush game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hi-Fi Rush guide.

Walkthrough Stage 1

At the start of the game, players must go through a scene where Chai enters Vandelay Island and must replace his arm with a robotic arm. After the cutscene, players must go to the factory exit. to get Chai’s belongings and leave the factory. Once players exit the factory, they can fight the robots with a metal pole. After taking out enemy bots, players will receive a tutorial on timing heartbeat attacks to deal an additional damage to enemies.

After clearing the tutorial, you will get to fight a few more robots and then you will have to make your way ahead in Rekka’s Territory. You will meet a Smart Fridge named “Smidge” who will give you a refreshing drink if you practice your moves on it. Jump on the crates to go ahead. Break the boxes and hit the lever to lower the platforms and then jump on the next platform to go up. You will get to see a cat surrounded by enemy robots.

Defeat the robots and then talk to a stranger who will hack the access panel. Press the switch labeled “Push” to remove the door. Go ahead, jump on the platforms and you will make your way. inside the building. You can see that the person you are talking to is the cat you rescued. After that, sync with the cat and get a tutorial on how to sync the finishing move with 808.

After that, go ahead with 808 and make your way to the lift. You will have to attack the combo and sync with 808 on the gears of the lift to go to the top of the building. Defeat the enemies and then you will have to make your way to the QA Center. Go ahead by jumping on the platforms to get to the next building. Go up and attack the switch to make a bridge. Go ahead on the path and the game will switch its style for a moment. Go along the path by timing it right on the platforms and jumps to get to Batteries Factory. Go down the lift and the game will turn back to normal.

You come to one of the battery productions and you have to jump and avoid the red lasers to survive there. After you’ve done that, collect the batteries and charge the reverb meter. This allows you to perform a special attack once the reverb meter is loaded. Perform a special attack to break the screen in front and go to the left to exit the factory. Defeat the enemies and jump on the containers and wait for the crane to come towards you. Jump on the crane and it will take you to the other side.

Go ahead and open the gate and you will get into another production factory. Go ahead on the conveyer belt and then push the button to go to the other side. Make your way ahead and then you will get to hit the electric machine to bring back the power. Successfully press the buttons on the screen to bring back the power and then go ahead. You will reach a new area of the factory. Go along the path and you will get to fight one of the big robots. Defeat the robot and then make your way ahead to get out of the production factory.

You pass the quality control center and you can fight against enemy robots. Defeat the robots and the door to the Quality Control Center will open. Enter the QA Center and you can defeat the first boss called “QA-1MIL”. After defeating QA-1MIL, the first level of Hi-Fi Rush will be completed and your progress in the level will be displayed on the screen.

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