Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Walkthrough

The main story missions in Hogwarts Legacy can be quite challenging. If you’re stuck on a mission, it’s okay to get a little help. This Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Walkthrough guide will prevent you from wasting your time. You have so much to discover in this magical world. Quickly jump on your broom and follow us!

In this walkthrough for the main quest “Charms Class”, we’ll guide you to your Charms class. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest guide. In this walkthrough for the main quest “Charms Class”, we’ll guide you to your Charms class, help you learn Accio, and make sure you beat Natsai Onai at an extra-large version of Gobstones in the Summoner’s Court.

  • Quest Type: Main Story
  • Rewards: Accio

How to Get to Charms Class

First off, you’ll need to get to class. Don’t forget that you can tap to see a golden thread that will guide you where you need to go!

Attend Charms Class

After walking through the door to Professor Ronen‘s classroom, a cutscene will play. You’ll then get a chance to learn Accio just like you did with Levioso, use the left stick to guide your wand’s icon over the curved path, hitting / when the icon reaches a circle containing the indicated button. Successfully completing the minigame will start another cutscene, with the class heading outside.

When you regain control of your character, you’ll have Accio equipped in one of your free spell slots (if it isn’t for some reason, open your menu and equip it). Hold and then press the face button Accio is assigned to, and you’ll cast the Summoning Charm on one of the large balls. Press the Accio button again to release the ball. Summon all three balls to start another cutscene.

You’ll then play a game against Natsai Onai. She’ll go first, and then you’ll need to try and pull the ball as close to the near edge without it falling off. Remember you need to press the Accio button a second time to stop pulling it to you. Try pressing the button right when the ball enters the orange panel to score maximum points. You can also walk around to get better angles, either to avoid the ball crashing into another, or to try and knock Natsai’s balls off the court.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest
Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest

Try to release the Accio charm right when the ball crosses from the red to the orange section of the court.

After the first round, you’ll then play another round with the added difficulty of moving cubes that can block your ball. The general idea is the same, but now timing matters too. Try and pull each ball right when the cubes are about to head across the court away from your ball’s path.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest
Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Quest

By casting Accio right as the cubes cross your ball’s path, you’ll ensure your ball won’t be blocked.

After this second round of play, another cutscene will see you back in the classroom. You’ll get a chance to chat with Natsai if you want — when that conversation ends, speak with Professor Ronen, who is waiting behind Natsai, near the blackboard. Finishing the conversation with him, and you’ll have completed this quest!

Note that completing this class unlocks Side Quests — open your map and look for the icon, which indicates there are side missions available in that part of the castle. Hover over a icon hogwarts legacyand press to zoom in on that area, revealing any Floo Flames and side quests in the area.

Now you’ve got to go meet Professor Weasley!

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