Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles Locations

Hogwarts Legacy contains 1125 Collectibles Locations. This collectible guide shows all collectibles for 100% game completion […]

Hogwarts Legacy contains 1125 Collectibles Locations. This collectible guide shows all collectibles for 100% game completion and all trophies & achievements.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles Locations

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles Locations guide. This collectible guide shows all collectibles for 100% game completion and all trophies & achievements.

  • 603 Collections – trophy Collector’s Edition
  • 10 Tools
  • 69 Enemies
  • 89 Appearances
  • 150 Revelio Pages
  • 13 Beasts
  • 75 Traits
  • 42 Wand Handles
  • 140 Conjurations
  • 16 Ingredients
  • 13 Brooms
  • 83 Floo Flames – trophy Floo Around the World
  • 95 Merlin Trials – trophy Merlin’s Beard!
  • 32 Balloon Sets – needed for Brooms (Collections)
  • 33 Demiguise Statues – trophy Demiguise Dread
  • 2 Battle Arenas – trophy Rise to the Challenges
  • 5 Cairn Dungeons – trophy The Intrepid Explorer
  • 12 Breed Beasts – trophy The Nature of the Beast
  • 8 Grow Plants – trophy Put Down Roots
  • 6 Brew Potions – trophy Going Through the Potions
  • 150 Field Guide Pages – needed for Collections (unlocks Appearances as challenge rewards)
  • 14 Astronomy Tables – needed for Collections (challenge rewards)
  • 20 Landing Platforms – needed for Collections (challenge rewards)
  • 20 Ancient Magic Hotspots – needed for Collections (challenge rewards)
  • 18 Infamous Foes – needed to unlock Enemies (Collections)
  • 24 Challenges – needed for Collections (challenge rewards)

None of the collectibles are missable! You can pick up everything in free-roam after the story (which is recommended). Pick up what you find yourself during the story. After the story, the first thing you should do is unlock all Spells and finish all Side Quests. The side quests will open up optional side areas that contain collectibles, you can still revisit these areas after the quests. Many Collectibles are gated behind puzzles that require certain Spells. You get all Spells from story progress and from Assignments. Some Collectibles aren’t available until you reached enough story progress.

More Hogwarts Legacy Collectibles

The most important collectible type to prioritize is Demiguise Statues. These are needed for “Side Quest: The Man Behind the Moons” which upgrades your Alohomora spell to open Level 2-3 Locks. This is mandatory to open up the full Hogwarts Castle. Demiguise Statues can only be collected at night after having reached Main Quest #25: The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. Without the ability to unlock Level 3 locks you would have to do a lot of backtracking because you can’t enter many rooms without it.

Some areas can’t be revisited after the story but those don’t contain collectibles. All collectibles are in areas that can be revisited. Areas that can’t be revisited only contain regular chests with money / potions / gear which isn’t needed for any challenges, trophies, or achievements.

For Trophies & Achievements you basically need 100% completion including all Challenges. Each Challenge Tier unlocks other Collectibles that count towards the 603 Collections. Each Collectible Type either has Challenges associated with it or directly unlocks a trophy. You claim Challenge Rewards by pressing :square: / :x1: on the completed Challenge Tiers. The only thing you don’t need everything of is Field Guide Pages, of those you only need around 100/150 to complete all challenges for their rewards. Of all other collectible types you need 100% of everything.

Many Collectibles register automatically as rewards from Main- and Side Quests or just walking past fast travel points or encountering new enemy types. Even collectible types that don’t directly give a trophy are tied to challenges which then unlock a collectible as a reward. For example, you need the Balloons to finish the Balloon Exploration Challenge, which then unlocks Broom Collectibles, and you need all Infamous Foes to register all 69 Enemy Types in the collection menu.

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