Hogwarts Legacy Fire and Vice Walkthrough

Fire and Vice is a Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Fire and Vice Main Mission.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Fire and Vice Walkthrough

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Fire and Vice Walkthrough Walkthrough guide. Main Quests are mandatory Quests that tell the main story of the game, and completing all of them will accomplish the completion of the game. Still, that doesn’t mean that Subquests, Challenges and Collections are not important, as these quests grant very useful items as rewards for completion and also contain a lot of Lore.

  • Requirement: having completed Charles Rookwood’s Trial, Level 19
  • Reward: 260 XP, Bronze Defender of Dragons, Professor Weasley’s Assignment, The Plight of the House-Elf and The Tale of Rowland Oakes side quests
  • Quest Info: Poppy and I uncovered the poachers’ best kept secret: a dragon fighting ring hidden in plain sight. We freed a captive dragon, took possession of a dragon egg, and fought our way out. Unfortunately, the egg we have belongs to the dragon we just set free.

Starting Location: Fire and Vice

We’ve learned that Isidora learned some ancient magic to bottle her father’s pain, but at what cost is still unknown. Meanwhile, Professor Fitzgerald, the third Keeper, is preparing the third trial. Time for some more Hogwarts business.

Meet Poppy Sweeting

Fly to the quest marker in the western part of the North Ford Bog region and talk to Poppy, the Hufflepuff student.

Follow Poppy

Follow Poppy along the path through the woods and past the centaurs. You’ll eventually reach an abandoned camp.

Search for Signs of Poachers

At the camp, cast Revelio and interact with all blue items: the cage, the beast pelts, the bonfire, the goblin metal at the back.

Speak to Poppy

Now get Poppy up to speed with your recent findings.

Follow Poppy

Follow Poppy downhill and you’ll eventually reach a poacher-ridden area.

Enter the Tent

Continue downhill towards the enemy area and choose your approach: stealth or head-on melee. Don’t forget to use Disillusionment and Petrificus Totalus if you go for the former and your wide array of Damage Spells if you go for the latter. Once the area is clear, loot it and then use Reparo on the bridge to proceed to the tent.

Investigate Hortail Hall

Get rid of the standing Poacher, then head through the opening opposite him labelled Restricted Area. Continue downstairs, get rid of the enemies and loot the area, then continue up the ladder at the end of this section.

Reach the Captive Dragon

After the cutscene, continue down the stairs.

Collect the Dragon Egg

Enter the room and grab the egg from the cage using Alohomora. Refer to the screenshot below for the solution if you need it. Then, loot the area.

Defeat the Poachers

Continue down the stairs and then defeat the Poachers and Goblins in the arena.

Free the Dragon

Approach the dragon and use Accio on the hook. Completing this quest also unlocks :bronze: The Defender of Dragons

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