Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class Walkthrough

Flying Class is a Main Quest in Hogwarts LegacyFlying Class will have you review basic broom flight and manoeuverability with Madam Kogawa. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class Walkthrough

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class Walkthrough guide. Main Quests are mandatory Quests that tell the main story of the game, and completing all of them will accomplish the completion of the game. Still, that doesn’t mean that Subquests, Challenges and Collections are not important, as these quests grant very useful items as rewards for completion and also contain a lot of Lore.

Go to Flying Class in Hogwarts Legacy

Select the Flying Class Quest and follow the marker to reach the location without difficulties.

Once you reach the area and start the quest, Madam Kogawa will instruct everyone to grab a broom and get started with the lesson. If you happen reach the area at night time, you can still do the quest, just go to the quest marker and press Flying Class | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki to wait, it will then jump you to when the class is about to start. After starting the quest, students would line up, including you, and Madam Kogawa will introduce you as a new student in her flying class. She then explains that the goal of today’s class is to remind everyone how to manoeuvre on a broomstick safely, as using the broom is first and foremost a means of transportation. She also explains that there are certain manoeuvres that will not be taught and tolerated during class, and that those dangerous moves shall be left to professional Quidditch players, she then mentions the group called Toyohashi Tengu. She also explains briefly how to command your broom, a prompt will then appear on the screen, drag the right analog stick upwards to command the broom. Once everyone’s all set, the next objective begins.

Fly through the rings (0/3)

Once you’ve ascended with your broom, you can use the left analog stick to move in a direction, and the right analog stick to ascend and descend with the broom. You can then fly through the three rings you will immediately see right in front of you with a white indicator.

Fly through the rings around the grounds

After going through the three rings, Madam Kogawa mentions the next set of rings to fly through. The next set of rings will take you around the grounds. You will see the first ring with a white indicator on the screen. Holding Flying Class | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki will make you go faster and enter forward flight. Now go through the next 11 rings that will take you around the grounds. Once you reach the last ring, Everett Clopton starts a conversation with you and says he saw how well you handled yourself flying through the rings. He then introduces himself and says you met each other at the common room, and proposes a challenge. You will have two dialogue options here:

  • I like the sound of that.
  • Won’t we get in trouble?

If you choose the first option, Everett says you would take a detour and asks you to follow him.

Follow Everett Clopton

Just follow and stay close to Everett Clopton. You would first go through and fly over the Transfiguration Courtyard. You would then fly over the gardens where the Hufflepuff common room windows are nearby. In the middle of the flight, Everett gives you a tip on how you can increase your speed, a prompt will then appear on the screen, press Flying Class | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for a burst of speed while in forward flight. You then fly over the bridge and the Owlery.

Return to the Courtyard

Once you hear Madam Kogawa’s whistle, it’s time you and Everett head back to the Courtyard.

Land and dismount

After reaching the Courtyard, press Flying Class | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki to dismount and descend from your broom. Madam Kogawa will scold you and remove house points from both of you for not following her instructions. But she will be impressed by your flying skills.

Everett apologizes but says the views were worth it. You will have two dialogue options here:

  • I have no regrets.
  • I wish we hadn’t got in trouble.

He then recommends you to visit Albie Weekes at Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade and says he’s always looking to test new models.

After your conversation with Everett, the quest is completed.

Flying Class Information

During the Quest, you’ll meet Madam Kogawa, where you’ll review the basics of broom flight and manoeuverability.

How to find Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class

 Flying Class Main Quest can be obtained as indicated as follows:

  • Complete Jackdaw’s Rest

Flying Class Enemies and Npcs

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during Flying Class


  • Madam Kogawa
  • Everett Clopton

Enemies & Bosses

  • N/A

Flying Class Requirements & Rewards in Hogwarts Legacy

Flying Class quest has the following requirements:

  • Required Level: 6 

By completing Flying Class quest you will obtain +260 XP and the following Rewards:

  • Unlocks Brooms at the Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade.

Notes, Tips

  • Full Description of the Journal
    I learned to fly a broom today in Madam Kogawa’s class. It took a bit of getting used to , but soon I got a feel for it and was racing around the castle with Everett Clopton. We got a little carried away though and flew too far out of bounds. The Professor wasn’t happy with us an gave us a dressing down after class. Still, I think she was impressed with my flying skills. Now I just need to save up to buy a broom of my own. I should visit Spintwitches next time I’m in Hogsmeade and see what they have on offer.

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