Hogwarts Legacy Map Chamber Walkthrough

Map Chamber is a Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Map Chamber Walkthrough

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Map Chamber Walkthrough guide. The Map Chamber tasks you with reporting to Professor Fig regarding the Map Chamber you found beneath Hogwarts. Main Quests are mandatory Quests that tell the main story of the game, and completing all of them will accomplish the completion of the game. Still, that doesn’t mean that Subquests, Challenges and Collections are not important, as these quests grant very useful items as rewards for completion and also contain a lot of Lore.

Requirements & Rewards:

The Map Chamber quest has the following requirements:

  • Reach Level 10 

By completing The Map Chamber quest, you will obtain the following Rewards:

  • +260 XP

Report to Professor Fig

Head to Professor Fig’s classroom in the Astronomy Wing of Hogwarts Castle. Report to the Professor about the missing pages you found as well as the Map Chamber you found below Hogwarts.

Enter the Map Chamber

You will automatically be transported to the chamber’s entrance. Simply move straight ahead and a path with a staircase in the floor will upon up for you. Follow the stairs down, enter the chamber and a cutscene will ensue.

Speak to the Portrait of Professor Rackham

Approach Professor Rackham’s portrait and talk to him, you will learn the existence of three trials before the quest ends.

Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber Information

  • Descriptions for the Journal upon obtaining:
    Now that Professor Fig has returned, I’m excited to show him the missing pages and the secret map chamber I found below the school.
  • Descriptions for the Journal upon finishing:
    I took Professor Fig to the Map Chamber and introduced him to the portrait of Professor Rackham. We placed the book on a pedestal and it brought to life an extraordinary map of Hogwarts and the surrounding areas. Professor Rackham explained that the map will show us the first of four trials that I must complete. Professor Fig is going to scout ahead to see what could be waiting for us. I must admit. I’m both excited and apprehensive for what lies ahead

How to find Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber

 The Map Chamber Main Quest can be obtained as indicated as follows:

  • After completing The Room of Requirement (Quest)

Hogwarts Legacy The Map Chamber Enemies and Npcs

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during The Map Chamber


  • Eleazar Fig
  • Percival Rackham

Enemies & Bosses

  • None

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