Hogwarts Legacy Play Button Not Working Greyed Out FIX!

More than 1 million players all over the world are waiting for the Hogwarts Legacy game. The game was normally expected to be released into early access today, and it has been opened. However, it was said that it will open to PC at 10:00 AM PST for the game that only opens to Console.

Hogwarts Legacy Early Access STEAM Play Button Not Working FIXED!

Friends, don’t worry. dear WB games has followed a different path here too. The steam version of Hogwarts Legacy will open at 12:00 PST, not 10:00 PST. So less than 1 hour left for the Steam version to open.


Yes, friends, the game has been activated in steam. The size of the game has increased from 69GB to 72GB. After a small update, you can log in to the game. If the play button is still gray after the update, restart steam.

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2 thoughts on “Hogwarts Legacy Play Button Not Working Greyed Out FIX!”

    1. Hi Chris,

      Same happened to us. When it was accessed on Steam, it only made a 3GB update and then the play button was activated. If you haven’t made any additional updates, try verifying the files.

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