Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 is an Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 assignment quest.

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Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 guide. Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 necessary for the completion of Secrets of the Restricted Section as Incendio is required for it. Assignments are types of quests given to you by Hogwarts Professors that, when completed, reward you with new Spells. You can track assignments and their progress in the Quests Menu of your Field Guide.

Professor Hecat's Assignment 1 | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

Report to Professor Hecat

Track the Assignment from your Quest Menu to know the best way to Professor Hecat.

Hecat is going to teach you Incendio, handy for lighting torches, burning away spider webs and combat. We’ll be you first a few tasks to complete.

Win two rounds of Crossed Wands

Go to Lucan Brattleby, ask him to coordinate a Crossed Wands duel. Win a duel.

Complete a Round of Spell Combination Practice with Lucan Brattleby

Go to Lucan Brattleby, ask him to use the training dummy. Cast the spells in the top of the screen in the given order.

Return to Professor Hecat

Follow the instructions, and cast the spell.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 Information

Incendio is a damage spell, but also used in many puzzles or quests that requires something to be ignited on fire.

How to find Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

 Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 assignment can be obtained as indicated as follows:

  • Complete The Locket’s Secret.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 Enemies and Npcs

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1


  • Dinah Hecat
  • Lucan Brattleby

Enemies & Bosses

  • Student duuelists.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 Requirements & Rewards

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 assignment has the following requirements:

  • None 

By completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 assignment you will obtain +150 XP and the following Rewards:

  • Incendio

Notes, Tips

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