Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

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Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 is an Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy. Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 is an assignment that teaches you the Spell Expelliarmus, once completed.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 guide. Assignments are types of quests given to you by Hogwarts Professors that, when completed, reward you with new Spells. You can track assignments and their progress in the Quests Menu of your Field Guide.

Report to Professor Hecat 

Find her inside the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Dodge 10 attacks and Cast Incendio 5 times

You don’t have to do this in any special location or against a certain enemy, just do it anytime you are in combat to reach the required numbers. You can use Incendio many times on the same target, just wait until the fire is gone to use it again.

Regarding the dodge, just press Professor Hecat's Assignment 2 | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki whenever an enemy’s attack is about to hit you instead of pressing Professor Hecat's Assignment 2 | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

When you are done, return to Professor Hecat.

Return to Professor Hecat

Return to the Professor, and the quest will be complete, but not only that, you will also learn Expelliarmus.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 Information

Professor Hecat wants me to practise avoiding attacks by dodge rolling. She also wants me to cast Incendio on a few Enemies. My Field Guide will not guide me through this assignment, but my map could still prove useful.

How to find Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

 Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 assignment can be obtained as indicated as follows:

  • __obtained__

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 Enemies and Npcs

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2


  • Dinah Hecat

Enemies & Bosses

  • N/A

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 Requirements & Rewards

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 assignment has the following requirements:

  • Complete Tomes and Tribulations

By completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 assignment, you will obtain 150 XP and the following Rewards:

  • Expelliarmus

Notes, Tips

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