Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogwarts Walkthrough

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Welcome To Hogwarts is a Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Welcome to Hogwarts Main Mission.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Hogwarts Legacy game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogwarts Walkthrough

Welcome to our Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogwarts Walkthrough guide.

Welcome to Hogwarts | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

Main Quests are mandatory Quests that tell the main story of the game, and completing all of them will accomplish the completion of the game. Still, that doesn’t mean that Subquests, Challenges and Collections are not important, as these quests grant very useful items as rewards for completion and also contain a lot of Lore.

Find your common Room

Exit your room and head upstairs, you will find two armors that will greet you. Then you will find Everett Clopton.

Introduce yourself to Everett Clopton

A cutscene shows Everett Clopton at his most mischievous-self, and after that he greets you and makes small talk with you.

Introduce yourself to Samantha Dale

Turn back to find Samantha Dale, she is looking to find the perfect place for a flowerpot. She expresses her fascination with Herbology.

Introduce yourself to Amit

After speaking with Samantha Dale, turn around and head to the telescope located in the last window on your left. There you will find Amit Thakkar who talks to you about his interest in astronomy and emphasizes the remarkable knowledge Professor Satyavati Shah has on the subject.

Meet Professor Weasly outside the common room

When you finish your conversation with Amir, head towards the statue on your left and go down the stairs to meet Matilda Weasley. She welcomes you and hands you the Wizard’s Field Guide.

Follow Professor Weasley

 After receiving the Wizard’s Field Guide, proceed through the door that she opens, go down the stairs, and follow Professor Weasley until she stops at the landing of the staircase.

Collect the Guide Page

Once Professor Weasley comes to a halt at the staircase landing, examine the bust on the left wall and cast Revelio to find the Ravenclaw Bust, one of many Revelio Pages you can collect during the game.

Follow Professor Weasley

Follow Professor Weasley to the Ravenclaw Tower where she will teach you how to use the Floo Flames Fast Travel system. Use the Fast Travel System to go to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame.

Talk to Professor Fig

Once the dialogue with Professor Fig at the Grand Staircase ends, you will unlock new Main Quests

Hogwarts Legacy Welcome To Hogwarts Information

I need to head to my common room. Sounds as though there are some voices coming from nearby – perhaps I should follow them.

How to find Welcome To Hogwarts

 Welcome To Hogwarts Main Quest can be obtained as indicated as follows:

  • Welcome to Hogwarts starts automatically after completing the first quest, The Path to Hogwarts. Right after the Sorting Ceremony, when you wake up in your room, this quest will begin automatically.
  • This Quest begins at Hogwarts Castle.

Welcome To Hogwarts Enemies and Npcs in Hogwarts Legacy

The following lists of Npcs and Enemies appear during Welcome To Hogwarts


  • Everett Clopton
  • Samantha Dale
  • Matilda Weasley
  • Eleazar Fig
  • Amit Thakkar

Enemies & Bosses

  • None

Requirements & Rewards

Welcome To Hogwarts quest has the following requirements:

  • The Path to Hogwarts

By completing Welcome To Hogwarts quest you will obtain __xp__ and the following Rewards:

  • __rewards__


  • Journal Description
    What a long day! At the behest of Professor Weasley, I journeyed to Hogsmeade with a friend and replenished my lost school supplies. I even acquired my own wand! What Professor Weasley couldn’t have predicted was a troll attack on Hogsmeade, which I helped to fend off. After repairing the damage to the village and learning a few new abilities. I finally got to visit the Three Broomstick, where I encountered some unpleasant characters: Ranrok and Rookwood. But at least I finally got to try some Butterbear! Now I should get some rest – who knows what tomorrow may bring?

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