Lords of the Fallen Entering the World of the Dead Umbral

How to Enter The World of the Dead Umbral in Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, there are two different themes: we can call them light and dark. We explained how to enter the dark side and the captivating atmosphere of the World of the Dead Umbral! Here’s a simple guide on how to enter the Umbral.

How to Enter The World of the Dead Umbral

You can enter the World of the dead Umbral, by following the steps below:

  1. Locate the Umbral Lamp: Throughout the game, you’ll come across the Umbral Lamp. This mystical artifact is your gateway to the World of the Dead, known as Umbral.
  2. Interact with the Umbral Lamp: When you find the Umbral Lamp, interact with it to activate it. This will initiate the transition from the living world of Axiom to the World of the Dead, Umbral.
  3. Switch Worlds Instantly: Once the Umbral Lamp is activated, you can use it at any time to switch between the two worlds. This feature is incredibly useful for solving puzzles, accessing hidden areas, and progressing through the game.
World of the Dead Umbral in Lords of the Fallen game.
Lord of the Umbral

Alternative Methods to Enter Umbral

  1. Dying in Axiom: One way to enter Umbral is by allowing your character to be slain in the living world of Axiom. When this happens, you’ll wake up in the same spot in Umbral. This method is useful in specific situations where death can be strategic.
  2. Perform the “Umbral Rift”: Another method to enter Umbral is by initiating the “Umbral Rift.” To do this, you must sacrifice two of your lives. This choice is conscious and can be a strategic decision, especially when dealing with challenging situations.

Unlocking the Power of the Umbral Lamp

The Umbral Lamp isn’t just a portal; it’s a versatile tool in your arsenal:

  1. Soul Collection: The Umbral Lamp can capture the souls of defeated enemies. Collecting souls allows you to unleash high-powered attacks and improve your character’s abilities.
  2. Environmental Manipulation: In addition to soul collection, the Umbral Lamp can be used to manipulate the game environment. For example, you can use it to pull floating platforms closer to you, which is essential for solving puzzles and accessing new areas.
Beware of Spectral Beings in Umbral

One important thing to note when you’re in Umbral is the presence of spectral beings. As you spend more time in this world, the number of these spectral beings will increase. They can pose a significant threat, so be prepared to face and defeat them in combat.

Understanding how to enter the World of the Dead in Lords of the Fallen is essential for progressing in the game and facing its unique challenges. Master the Umbral Lamp, utilize its powers, and prepare to confront formidable enemies in Umbral.

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